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FDA, acknowledge that hormone treatment during pregnancy can cause intersex and transgender!

(Editor - Pam: There are many studies that suggest a link between the use of certain hormones during pregnancy and transgenderism. I am somewhat reluctant to post this link due to a concern that we not go back to the days when being transgender was considered a medical/mental disease. However, I decided to post this as I believe in diversity of opinion and ideas. There are several studies sited at the end of the discussion. petition by Hugh Easton

Petition: FDA, acknowledge that hormone treatment during pregnancy can cause intersex and transgender!

This petition is to ask the FDA to acknowledge that, when a pregnant woman is given medical treatment with synthetic hormones, these substances can cross the placenta and cause abnormalities of sexual development in her unborn child, including both physical intersex conditions and transgender.

There are a variety of situations in which medical treatments involving high doses of synthetic hormones are given to pregnant women. Many of these treatments would, if given in the same dose to an adult man, suppress his testosterone production and have other feminising effects on him. Based on my own experiences and what I’ve seen of the effects of an artificial estrogen called DES, they can do the same thing to a male fetus, the main difference being that the effects are permanent. Due to the way fetal development takes place and the fact that most medical use of these drugs tends to be during the second half of the pregnancy, brain development is more likely to be affected than physical development.


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