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Our August Member of the Month for 2007 is in. August's award goes to Pard!

This is the FIRST TIME EVER a non-tgirl has won the competition. Congratulations Pard!

Additionally this month, we are awarding the member who cast the most votes. August's winner is Marina Cristina Marino who cast 1587 votes. Lori Vandor and JF both technically cast the most votes, but they have already won once this year and we limit prizes to once a year for a given person.

We will be contacting Pard and Marina shortly to set them up their free URNA Gold Plus Memberships. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

When we reset the votes, there were 48,921 votes in the system. We have listed the final tabulation of the top members with more than 50 votes below for your convenience.

Pard 9.786 56
Brenda Sue 9.738 168
Marina Cristina M... 9.693 257
Ella Belle Devereaux 9.653 124
Asha Sante 9.651 86
Brandee Wyne 9.644 87
Amy Kay 9.623 77
Paige Cody 9.622 82
Ana Karen 9.617 81
Becky Lynn Anderson 9.614 57


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