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Vicki Richter

Vicki Richter burst onto the transgender scene a little while back and has been going strong ever since. She has an amazing personality and has graciously agreed to do an interview for URNotAlone.
URNA: How long have you been on the internet?

Vicki R: Wow good question. I have been on the Internet for 4 years or so. My site has gone through a lot of changes over that time. I used to host a server off of a T1 line which ran into my apartment. Then I switched to having my own server hosted from an ISP in PA. That was a terrible experience. The ISP kept stealing parts of my server and telling me it broke. The server they returned to me didn't have any of my original parts in it and didn't even boot up. Anyway, now I have a leased server somewhere in Texas and it is stable and awesome.

From a modeling perspective, I've been doing this somewhere around four years as well. I started with a Yahoo Club (before they started groups). Fortunately, they deleted it (I was mad at the time), and with it went all of my old pictures. In my early days, I wanted to be on the Internet all the time, but fortunately I never modeled or sold my photos to any sites back in the day.

My main web presence started 3 years ago after I had my surgeries done. Conveniently, that is also when my adult video career started. My first shoot was for Androgeny (Transsexual Beauty Queens 15) for both web and video. My site has been around for about two years now.

URNA: How often do you update your site?

Vicki R: I personally do an update once a month. However, I have a contract with Extreme Shemales aka Redlight Digital which provides a second update. I generally add three photo sets a month of me, some random sex shoot (could involve me or others), and a solo girl.

The ES update usually includes full length licensed videos. For example Transsexual Gang Bangers 10 or Transsexual Prostitutes 26 were added over the past 2-3 months. I'm starting to get a really good selection of video content for the site.

URNA: What advice do you have for anyone just starting out and wanting to
get into the adult business?

Vicki R: I get asked this a lot. I think my first forays into photos on the web were to gain acceptance and get feedback. I wanted to know if I could be successful and what people thought of me. That is a good thing and I highly recommend it. My advice is to do the surgical stuff first. A "shemale" (my preferred descriptor) should have breasts, no facial hair, real hair if possible, hopefully on HRT, and relatively little body fat... These things aren't required to be beautiful, but they really are important for getting in front of the camera. There are some really successful models out there who I really admire that don't have cosmetic surgeries, wear wigs, etc. However, for me specifically, I never could have become who I am today without the surgery stuff.

URNA: What's your favorite relaxing thing to do?

Vicki R: I love the ocean. I have been on a few cruises and to a lot of island locations. There is nothing better than relaxing on a private beach or in an outdoor bungalo somewhere listening to the ocean. I love rain too. It's so romantic to be outside in warm rain with someone special.

URNA: What are some of your hobbies?

Vicki R: I'm a total computer nerd. Like a lot of people, I build my own PC's and I play a lot of computer games online. I do some other geek stuff like Fantasy sports. I don't really like watching sports (except basketball), but I like statistics a lot. I also have a big screen TV. I don't actually watch TV at all, but I do like renting movies and chilling with a nice bottle of wine.

URNA: What's your best fashion advice?

Vicki R: I think everyone needs to do an honest evaluation of their body and be as critical as possible. I know I wear a lot of tight little things in movies and photo shoots, but in day to day life, I think bigger clothes look better on me... at least on top. For example, I can get away with really tight jeans or shorts, but I like using bigger tops to hide my shoulders and upper arms. The muscles in my arms have atrophied a bit over the last few years, so that is a really good thing for me personally. Brazilian low-rise jeans look better on a lot of TG's (me included) as they lengthen the abdomen. When I say bigger clothes on top, there are also things like most M2F trangenders or males in general have body fat in the wrong places. You have to work out really hard to fix that in the belly area and curves can be tricky.

My main fashion advice would be, if your end state goal is to live as a woman, be a model, or just look as much like one as possible, work out! Focus on your stomach and cardio. I used an ab-roller ($50 at Target) and combined with breast implants and hormones I was able to get some very feminine measurements without doing any dangerous silicone injections in my butt and thighs. Squats are good for the bootie.

URNA: Who's your favorite author?

Vicki R: Can I pick more than one? I like Tad Williams a lot (Dragonbone Chair and Otherland series). Other authors I like are Terry Brookes, J.R.R Tolkien, and David Eddings. Most of the books I read are fantasy fiction. I'm not really that adventurous in real life, so I like to get away from it all when I read.

URNA: Do you plan on furthering your education anymore?

Vicki R: I actually finished my MBA this year and started an internship. I am pretty sure I am done with school. At least I hope so. :)

URNA: What do you think of the changes on URNA?

Vicki R: The changes are awesome. I have always been a URNA fan and I view it as a hub in the transgender community. The site fills some important gaps. It's a good place for lot of girls to interact, share ideas, and meet interested men/women. It's also good for those who want to share themselves, gain acceptance and to do that benchmark thing for themselves in a safe arena. Things like personals, friends links, chat, and personality features (like this one) all add to the functionality of the site. The possibilities are pretty limitless and I think the people running the site have done a fantastic job expanding and meeting the demands/needs of their user base.

URNA: How long do you plan to keep your site up and running?

Vicki R: I hope to keep performing (videos) another five years or so, but it's an evolving thing for me. Gia Darling, one of my role models, has been able to keep things going for a long time. My web site reflects Vicki, the performer. When I stop making movies, it will have to go through a change to reflect the new me... whatever that becomes. I guess as long as I have fans, I will continue to have a site. :)

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share. I appreciate this community so much and hope to always be a part of it.
I would like to thank Joey Silvera, Devil's Film, Lenny from Redlight, Sammy from Strokers, and my three best friends Joanna, Eeldub, and Danielle. They've been awesome and have all been such a huge part of my success. I would also like to thank the staff here at URNA for making this interview possible.

We here at URNotAlone would like to thank the sassy Ms. Richter for taking the time to grant us this interview.

Be sure to visit Vicki's Website and her URNotAlone profile.


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