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Our October Member of the Month for 2007 is in. October's award goes to Sherryutah!

We will be contacting Sherry shortly to set up her free URNA Gold Plus Membership. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

When we reset the votes, there were 43,938 votes in the system. We have listed the final tabulation of the top members with more than 50 votes below for your convenience.

Sherry is our VERY LAST Member of the Month. The Ratings are now over and good riddance. What a horrible feature. We will admit when we are wrong, though when we asked, this was the highest requested feature by far. I guess it just goes to show that our members aren't always right either.

Sherryutah 9.802 111
Kimberly Ann Virtue 9.795 73
Ana Karen Glz 9.794 68
Sandi 9.788 85
Vicky Sanmarco 9.774 53
Nicole Tracy 9.772 57
Chrissy Ellen 9.750 72
Jacqueline Hilton 9.746 59
Isabel Omero 9.745 51
Natasha 9.742 66


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