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You are active on URNotAlone, but you have your own website too. A labor of love more often than not. You probably already link to URNA, but wouldn't it be cool if people could see just how active you really are? Maybe if you could just list your URNotAlone friends on your homepage. That's a lot of work though, especially when that list is constantly growing and changing. If only there was a simple way to just add a list of your friends to your site. Well now there is.

Hundreds of you already use our chat room status icon to show visitors to your home page where they can find you, and if you are in our chat room. Now, you can show off your growing friends list at URNotAlone, just by inserting a single line of code to your web site.

Best of all, you can even configure how it works. Would you like photos and member names, or just photos? Would you like small photos or large photos? Would you like to just show four friends, or forty? All of this and more can be set with just a few simple variables inserted into the code that you can place on your web page!

If you are a Registered Member (photo and profile online), you can learn more about Remote Friends lists on the Services page. Be sure to keep an eye out for new services. We are working hard to enhance your experience here at URNA.

Remote Friend Lists are just another new feature that helps make URNotAlone the Number One Transgendered Community on the Internet!


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