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3rd Year Update

Three Years and counting

It has been too long since I posted an update, so here goes.

A good place to start is the status of updating the site. Year 1, I contracted with two different firms to work on updating the site and the chat client. The first group was a total bust who basically took my money and from what I could tell, never wrote a line of code. The second group was making progress, but when their billing reached the estimate and were only half done, I pulled the plug. Very disappointing, but URNA is a complicated piece of coding.

So what now? For the last two years, I have been saving to make another run at updating the site. These are the items that need work:

- convert to https
- update to most the most stable versions of PHP, MySql, Apache, CentOS
- html5 based chat client
- add a forum
- minor cosmetic changes

Also, I have been collecting your suggestions since I took over, just need to find someone who is capable to make the changes.

If anyone knows of someone proficient in PHP, MySql, Apache and Centos, and who might be interested in working on URNA, please have them get in touch with me, of if anyone wants to donate toward a future update, please click on the Donate button on the page link at the end of this article.

People also ask about the financial health of URNA. URNA has been in the black for the last 3 years. Compared to other sites similar to URNA, the money needed to maintain the site appears to be lower. Likely, the difference is any money received is put back into the site or into savings for future updates, with my time donated.

The other question that comes up time to time, is "what about the long term future". URNA has been a fixture for 2 decades now. I would like to think that URNA still has relevance and a role for the foreseeable future. To ensure that, soon I will need to make changes to the ownership. There are a several options: take on a partner(s), convert to a non-profit and bring on a board, etc. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

Finally, I want to thank all the members who continue to support I also want to thank Jon, for making this special site, and who has also responded to any question or request for help over the last 3 years.

I consider this to be your site.

Best wishes,


PS: If you are wondering about the image with this update, it is a graphic made for me by a friend. Sister Peace Love repeated in seven languages with a background of seven yellow roses. It is based on a theory of mine. That seven people working toward a common goal can change the world.


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  • Tina 12/07/2018 07:14 You’re doing great work, Pam. If there is only one admin for a site this size, I am amazed. You do need to make some upgrades like the chat client, but why not leverage an open source one, or another one that’s a bit lower cost?
  • dee anne 5/08/2018 09:18 Pam, I think you are doing a great job, thank you for giving me a place to meet others , Learn and grow.Thanks for all your time and effortsDee anne
  • Sasha Anne Meadows 2/28/2018 12:57 URNA is such an important service to the TG community. I believe I speak for many in the community by offering my profound gratitude to URNA and Pam.

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