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Interview with Gracie Passette of

Sex-Kitten.Net is a women's sexuality site, for women, about women. Headed by former sex pro Gracie Passette, who believes it is through conversations that women identify, scrutinize, question, confront & come to terms with their concerns & needs. The site serves as a perpetual online slumber party where girlfriends speak digitaly to one another about all the subjects that real women discuss.

Gracie believes in the importance of having women, of all orientations & situations, discuss from their own points of view & personal experiences. Regular & guest columnists include straight, lesbian, bi-sexual & transgendered women. Articles, essays & the opinions of men are also included. She is convinced that as women communicate with each other from a place of mutual respect, individual as well as partner needs, insecurities, & desires are exposed & understood. is the home of these ongoing dialogues which will lead to further understanding in women, among women, & between the sexes.

Unlike sites with advisors, medical professional or other trained officials who talk in terms of 'statistics' & 'data,''s success lies in providing the stories of real people presented in the way real people speak. Real questions are posed, real people share what they know based on life experiences ~ and always from the point of view of 'this is what worked or didn't work for me,' leaving readers to discuss their own views and/or to decide what might work for them.

For example, when a woman was approached by a CD male for a date the woman asked "Aren't all crossdressers gay?" the editorial staff at put out a call for real people with real CD experience. There was such a large response to the call (from those who crossdress as well as those with relationships with crossdressers), and the stories so wide in opinions, that the site began a series on

Gracie believes it is important to bring issues like this to light in 'mainstream' places. She says "While there are other sites devoted to lifestyles or specific issues, say 'lesbians' or 'transgendered issues,' there really isn't any place that is considered safe for all women to gather together & discuss with one another across sexual labels or other community barriers. Even sites for parenting are segregated. With no longer do women need to search separate sites for each issue; no longer are the issues of lifestyle, orientation, and female sexuality separate issues ~ There is no 'us' or 'them.' Here, the human side of sexuality is accepted, exposed & understood. I can't think of a more natural, honest way for partners, parents ~ you know, *people* in general ~ to find information presented in a non-sensationalized manner. It's information they may not even know they needed or will need down that proverbial road..."

At the site, female sexuality is viewed as an integral part of women's lives, not relegated to the backseat as some after thought of separate element of their lives. All matters of girly necessity are discussed, such as relationship tips; sex advice; sex toy, film & website reviews; book reviews & author interviews; health, parenting & safety articles; personal stories & erotica. Since it is important to know where you've been in order to get where you are going, the site not only looks back at our individual pasts, but the historical legacy of women and icons of femininity as well. The discussions, essays, reviews & rants are published in magazine format, with issues every two weeks.

While the site has a fun slumber party atmosphere, there is also the feel of a sacred space. Site guidelines are strict & balanced in the areas of free speech and respect. The publisher believes in the right of the columnists, guest columnists, & site visitors not only to believe as they wish, but in their right to state those beliefs; and defends it's own right to publish those beliefs.

But make no mistake, there are rules. Says Gracie, "Just as if you were invited to my real home, to the home of any friend, we have expectations for behavior. Just as I would never enter your home & call you or another of your guests rude names, I expect you to behave the same way in our virtual home. If you cannot behave properly, you will be asked to leave. In the case of our internet home, this means deleting your posts, blocking & reporting of ISPs. We take the generosity of those willing to share honestly as a great privilege and so we protect them with all we can. So far, we've had no problems. Perhaps that is due to our strong position, and our activity on the boards themselves. But the bottom line is "this is a safe place to share." is devoted to helping women become connected to their own sexuality, as well as gain understanding in the sexuality of others. Along the way, we've helped more than a few men, too. And with the help & support of other persons willing to share & participate, the site will continue to grow.

The site is free, with a simple (and still free!) registration to post on the message boards. Those interested in writing at the site should read here or contact Gracie for more information.

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