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Out and About with Michelle Hart - Column 10

Walk Like An Egyptian

For over 3,800 years the Giza pyramid believed to be built as a tomb for Fourth dynasty Egyptian King Khufu remained the tallest man-made structure in the world. It was surpassed only by the 160 meter tall spire of Lincoln Cathedral that was completed around 1300 A.D. The total mass of the pyramid is estimated at 5.9 million tonnes. The volume, including an internal hillock, is believed to be roughly 2,500,000 cubic meters. Based on these estimates building this in 20 years would involve installing approximately 800 tonnes of stone every day. It is believed by some that the architect was Khufu's vizier, named Hemiunu, the son of Nefermaat, a relative of Khufu's.

It's also believed that Hemiunu constructed the pyramid over a 20 year period concluding around 2560 B.C. Manetho gives Khufu a reign of 65 years, which would enable him to build the pyramid by installing approximately 250 tonnes of stone per day. The accuracy of the pyramid's workmanship is such that the four sides of the base have a mean error of only 58 millimeters in length, and 1 minute in angle from a perfect square. The base is horizontal and flat to within 15 millimeters. The sides of the square are closely aligned to the four cardinal compass points within 3 minutes of arc based on true north not magnetic north.

It is a little known fact that the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza is not a perfect square. The base is a 4 pointed star, each side of the pyramid being slightly concave, i.e. each face of the pyramid is indented from the corner to the midpoint of the base. This design feature can only be seen from the air, at certain times of the day. This concavity divides each of the apparent four sides in half, creating a very special and unusual eight-sided pyramid; and it is executed to such an extraordinary degree of precision as to enter the realm of the uncanny.

Viewed from any ground position or distance, this concavity is quite invisible to the naked eye. The hollowing-in can be noticed only from the air, and only at certain times of the day. This explains why virtually every available photograph of the Great Pyramid does not show the hollowing-in phenomenon, and why the concavity was never discovered until the age of aviation. It was discovered quite by accident in 1940, when a British Air Force pilot, P. Groves, was flying over the pyramid. He happened to notice the concavity and captured it in his now-famous photograph.

When you think about all the work that was involved in building one of the eight wonders of the world and that very subtle little secret it gives you pause doesn't it.....?

Hemiunu spent a considerable amount of time working on this grand vision for his King. I'm pretty sure every moment of that twenty year period was spend meticulously going over every detail and every angle to ensure it was perfect. How many of us work that diligently on a project or are willing to devote that much effort to the most seemingly invisible details?

As we sit here on our soft plump bottoms sipping our coco tonight, I would just love to expand on a few thoughts we have covered earlier this year. Oh sure we have covered some of the easy stuff like dressing well and digital flirtations, but tonight I really feel like we should go for a walk. It's cold out tonight so As I slip into my super soft and fuzzy ankle length fur coat before we go, do be a dear and pay very close attention as I seductively slide into it. You see girls there is so much more to a woman's life than just sitting around cackling like a bunch of hen's. It's our subtle movement and the subconscious signals we transmit to everyone around us.

Everywhere I go I blend in seamlessly because my movements are well practiced. I emulate other women and model myself after them. All other girls do the very same thing from an early age.... that's the big secret we will never admit. What we women do is simple, we pretend to be the wonderful women we admire. We behave and do things in a similar manner to our idols. Just admit it you played air guitar while listening to Van Halen, everybody has. All of us have done it at one time or another. We see something and try to copy it. Feminine movement and rhythm is the very same way. You were pretending then and that is what we women still do today. Hemiunu didn't start out as Khufu's vizier, he practiced his trade and mastered his skill and eventually was made a vizier.

Weather he pretended to be a great architect we will never know but Hemiunu was a master at his craft. The nearly invisible indenting on each side of his masterpiece prove it. That girls is what you must strive for. That ladies is your goal. If you truly desire to walk the streets with me and hear the simply delicious clack my heels make when I walk then this is what it takes. Keep in mind though nay will I ever shun a sister but I won't just have coco with anyone.

Before you gal's came over tonight not only did I spend a few moments primping to ensure I'm high in the pecking order, I also had to brew the hot chocolate and get out the serving tray with those simply adorable mugs. Girls that was just the beginning, I made sure that the house was tidy and decorated in a quite obviously soft and feminine manner. I fluffed and neatly placed the sofa cushions to ensure each of you would feel welcome and at ease too. These are very subtle things but you still noticed them.

One of the things I also had to do was venture out into the real world. That's right girls. I had to leave the safety of our little sanctuary here and go shopping for groceries. Just like Hemiunu spent time collecting supplies so did I. Now occasionally I wear my heels to Wal-Mart but usually I just slip on something more casual. I just loath flip flops though, nothing says low class better than shower shoes when you're out on the town. Beauty is pain girls so if your not prepared to endure a little suffering to look divine then womanhood is probably not for you. Oh and fella's if you are planning some grand seduction you had better leave them at home also.

So ladies shall we get our coat's and take a stroll? Slide your feet up the street bend your back shift your arm then you pull it back Life is hard you know so strike a pose on a Cadillac .......

Isn't it just lovely listening to that rather sexy clickity clack heels make as we walk. I just love that sound don't you? It just makes me feel so alive and constantly reminds me that I am a beautiful woman. I just adore feeling my hips as the undulate from side to side inviting the lustful stares from men as we walk by. I also get a sinfully secret thrill from the gentle tug of my bra as it cradles my ample assets while they softly jiggle from the gentle sway of my arms. You see ladies as we casually walk around tonight, each of us is sending very specific nonverbal signals to everyone we walk by. Without a word we are announcing our intentions and our desires. As each of us casually enjoys the visual stimuli others are intently listening to what we are saying with our bodies.

So where were we, oh yes....

One of the biggest mistakes I see other girls make is in their movements and how they carry themselves. It's by far all about relaxing and being self confident, people react to the non-verbal body language and signals that people put out much more than the words they speak. Just a paltry 7% of communication is done by actual words. If you are projecting self confidence and are relaxed you are going to come off as much more genuine and your chances of blending into the female population have just improved dramatically. Smiling is also very important too. Just like eye contact, people who are trying to hide something or are nervous do not feel comfortable making eye contact. By making eye contact and smiling you are projecting the image of being genuine and confident. Other people will subconsciously pick up on those signals allowing you to be much more easily accepted.

We have already talked about how to dress well before so you already know this, but don't try to look like some lollipop sucking teeny bopper with heavy make-up and clothes that belong on a much younger body. Just as dressing inappropriately will make you stand out in a crowd so will your body movements. Ladies I can assure you that if you are trying to blend in at Costco while stomping around like a Stormtrooper you will not do very well. Don't be so self absorbed about being found out either, doing so will surely lead to that occurrence.

Additionally if you are nervous, fidgety, and not making eye contact, you will project a more negative signal to others around you. Subconsciously people will view that as a potential threat, and that causes people to be even more aware or you. When that happens they look at you even more closely.

An example of this would be recently when I stopped at 7-11 to pick up a few things before I went to the village. There were probably ten or so kids loitering about and as I strolled in one of the boys asked if he knew me because I looked familiar to him. Well with a gracious motherly smile I said it was unlikely and moved on. As I was standing at the register to pay they were all behind me talking amongst themselves. As I walked to my car one of them actually whistled, yes I got a cat call from a fourteen year old. That ladies is just divine, when your a cougar like me having a young man find you enticing is just scrumptious. Well one of the other boys laughed at him and said "she is way to old for you...dude" can you believe it???

It wasn't my sexy voice, It wasn't my tasteful clothes girls.... it was how I carried myself and how I moved that made all the difference. I acted like I owned the place and did what every other woman would have done. I was pleasant and smiled, I didn't let them distract me, I just went about my business as any other normal woman does. Feminine movement is an art ladies. Just watch other women and if you are dressed like us then be sure to act and behave like we do. However if you walk around like a linebacker ready to tackle someone people will notice you for sure. You have to make a lot of changes to the way you move and if you can master that people will not even notice you.

Weather it's just pushing a shopping cart or stripping on stage, movement starts with relaxation and comfort. if you're not relaxed and don't feel comfortable it WILL show. Essentially you will subconsciously broadcast the wrong signal to people around you. That is not your goal unless you want to be noticed and ridiculed. Even when I walk to my car I sway and strut like a vixen on the prowl. I don't have to think about it anymore because it has became very natural for me to move that way. When I walk, I walk and move just like every other woman does. That is the key. Nothing will conceal your physical gender more then sensual feminine movements, just as a soft feminine sound emanating from your lips does.

If you act as if nothing is unusual people will interact with you as the girl you are or the woman you are becoming. You need to convince yourself that you are a female, and if you can't do that, then assume an attitude that you are doing nothing wrong or unusual. What is the lesson here? You need to be prepared to either stand your ground and act like a woman and respond as a woman would, or be open and proud to admit that you are just a guy who dresses up because it is enjoyable.

Recently while I was out shopping I had a similar encounter to the previous one. I was at Wal-Mart.... yes ladies I actually shop at Wal-Mart. Besides where else am I going to see that adorable little yellow rollback ball dancing down the aisle. Anyway so there I was perusing the sunglass section looking for something that would just scream "Jackie O" and one of the sales girls just casually asked me how tall I was. I will admit I'm a statuesque woman and quite proud of it, even though I'm taller than many other women it has no effect on how I walk or carry myself though. Would I like to be a little closer to the average sure but that's just not the way it is. As I smiled and began to tell her my measurements we had a very nice girl moment. Sorry boy's you just wouldn't understand. We must have talked for ten minutes before we both went back to our lives but that is not the point. The point my dear reader is that my attitude, movements, and approachability is what made me blend in seamlessly with the rest of the female population.

So often people approach me and let me know that they are surprised by how open and receptive I am to them. It always surprises them that I don't just brush them off or treat them rudely. I hear this observation quite often and it STILL amazes me. I can't help but wonder who the denizens are that they have previously encountered.

The other night I met a very nice guy who did all the right things to seduce and entice a woman. I may go into more detail later but those are less important than his comments about how I carried myself. You see girls he was attracted to me for his own reasons but what was it that drew him to me? Those are the questions each of us must ask ourselves as women. What makes one woman more seductive than the next? What is it about the strength of our girl magic that captures someone's eye. It's our posture, our slow and delicate movements, it's the way we sit and stand that entices. Regardless of where I am or what I am doing my body language tells people I am a female long before my voice ever does. No amount of lip gloss will hide those unfeminine subconscious projections.

A good example for this was a few weeks ago after a show that I did with Heather. We went to the village which is what we usually do and as we were talking she kept telling me to relax. Honestly I was very relaxed and was having a wonderful time but she was picking up on the tension I felt from something else. She noticed that something was not normal and I had not said a word. So here we are at the bar and she was coaching me on being a lady. Did I appreciate it? Absolutely!! Because she is a close friend I valued her insight and her help to make sure that not only was I projecting my normal classy look on the outside I was doing it from the inside too. She made me realize how important the two are.

Another one of my girlfriends who is a lesbian is a total boy in how she caries herself, I often tease her about being too sweet to be so butch. That ladies is the key. Even though she dresses in a very butch manner she still nonverbally sends a very feminine signal to people who meet her. Think about anyone you know and ask yourself what signals they are sending. Leather miniskirts, fishnet stockings, and high heels may make you look like a woman but only utterly feminine movement will SAY you are a woman.

You see my dear reader weather you're a boy or a girl doesn't matter when it comes to how you dress,

just walk like an Egyptian......

With love,

Michelle Hart

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