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Out and About with Michelle Hart - Column 11

Thunder Struck

Margaret knew all was lost now, she realized at that moment in the frozen night that she could do nothing and was utterly helpless. The world had changed forever now as she witnesed the unimaginable. Her prestige and influence could not help her save James nor would it help any of her companions.

On July 18, in 1867 Margaret Tobin was born in Hannibal, Missouri. Her father, John Tobin, had immigrated from Ireland as a boy, and worked for the Hannibal Gas Works. Margaret obviously wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. It's unlikely anyone in her family even owned one. What Margret lacked in material wealth growing up though, she made up for with ambition and an active imagination. She grew up in Mark Twain's home town, in a one bedroom frame house with five brothers and sisters near the Mississippi River. It's believed that she may have actually met Twain while she worked as a waitress in one of the town's many hotels. She also attended elementary school in Hannibal where her aunt was the school's administrator.

Margaret moved to Leadville, Colorado as a teenager. Her brother worked in the mines and she worked in a mercantile store. The excitement and romance of gold-rush Leadville suited Margaret, and it wasn't long before she was courting a handsome mining engineer named J. J. Brown. She married James Joseph Brown in 1886 and the couple moved to neighboring Stumpftown where they began a soup kitchen for other mining families.

Her husband started as a miner, moved up to superintendent, and then gained his fortune using his engineering skills to solve a problem with cave-ins. James invented a method to reach the gold at the very bottom of mines like The Little Jonny. His success helped open what was then called the world's richest gold strike.

Suddenly, the Browns were literally swimming in money. Margret, who had always wanted to marry a rich man and live the high life, had arrived. The Browns bought a mansion in Denver's chic Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1894. She was 27 then and yearned to be accepted in Denver's snobby social circles. Initially she was rebuffed as unsophisticated nouveau riche, she persisted with gusto though. Her clothes were the best, her parties the most lavish. Margaret Brown owned the best of everything and traveled in some of the highest social circles. Yet, it might have been her working class background more than anything that saved her life that cold April night and cost James his.

The Browns became very active in Denver's philanthropic and political circles. Margaret was one of the founders of the Denver Woman's Club which assisted women and children and she also worked to begin one of the first juvenile courts in the country. Shortly after that she attempted to gain a seat in Congress, even before women received the right to vote. Those who knew Margaret Tobin Brown would have expected nothing less from the flamboyant uncrowned queen of smart Parisian Society. She was a spunky American who once boasted that she knew everyone worth knowing from Moscow to the Bosphorus. Among her closest friends was the Princess Dolgorouki, an exiled Russian princess who was sister-in-law of the Czar. Margaret even corresponded with Edward, Duke of Windsor while she attended the Carnegie Institute in New York to study language and literature In 1901 .

So as we sit here tonight I wonder if you have any idea who this woman was or what her notariety is based on. My feeling so far is that as you read my description of her life, it probably sounds as if I could be describing one of your great aunts or even a grandmother. Perhaps she sounds just like one of the women you work with or even a girl you may have dated in the past. If she had not married James I wonder if you would go on a date with her?

If you were in James' place, I wonder how often you would cheat on her, or what sort of lies and deceit would you foist upon her? I wonder if my description of her terifies you? I realize that you don't know her personally but would you like to if you could, or would you avoid her at all costs? Without ever meeting Margaret and getting to know her in any way would you consider her a freak or an abomination that is worthy of scorn? Can you see that she had a rich life full of friends and love? Or is she just some oddity that is worth nothing to you? If she wrote you a letter and asked you to attend one of her lavish parties would you feel guilt or shame if you attended? Honestly, I seriously doubt that some of you would commit the aforementioned treachery.

However I'm sure you're wondering by now, my delightful reader, what kind of devious plot twist I have in mind as we cradle our mugs of hot chocolate tonight. Well come here and snuggle up to me boys and girls as I write you this wicked little digital daliance.

Ladies you need not read any further, no woman needs this foray into the aproaching winter storm.

After reading a little bit about Maggie's life I'm sure you can surmize that she is not unlike most of the women in your life right now. She had a mother, father and, a few siblings, went to a small school, got married and started her own family. Overall nothing too extraordinary not withstanding that she consorted with royalty later in life.

So I'll pose the question again, would you go out with her fellas? Would you chase after her and try to get her attention? Would you try to seduce her and dream up interesting ways to get into her knickers???? Sure you would, what red blooded male would pass up the chance to? Nearly every woman who has a pulse and is "pretty cute" fit's the bill I'm sure. Presently this sweet lttle indulgence is rather silly isn't it? I would imagine that to most of you guys this chick sounds pretty far?

If Margaret was totally hot and had an awesome body you would probably want to show her off to all your crew and get them to drool as much as you could over her. You would make sure that EVERYBODY knew that you were sleeping with her. It's a given that she would get to meet your own parents, of this I'm sure. You would no doubt pine for her like James did when she was not around and perhaps even snoop a little to make sure she wasn't looking for someone else huh? Don't lie. I know you would. Trust me, we know when you're checking up on us weather you admit it or not.

Ok fellas, now that I have your attention and with a little persuasion I might just keep it for the entire time you're here with me. Obviously to keep your interest I'll sprinkle a few delightfully suggestive comments, or as I like to call them pearls. Oh and boys I just love pearl necklaces. Just follow along to find them hidden in this month's provacation. As always I'm going to tell you a wicked story with a limited amount of debauchary to keep it clean and fun for those who would rather not read the tasteless and crude. Beside you know this isn't porn... Right?

Without further adieu, and with that delightfully smashing entry I'm going to tell you guys a super hot and steamy story. That's right guys, you get to hear all about the sordid and naughty details that happen on deck after hours..... So rather than wear something more relaxed tonight, I'll be putting on my tight leather miniskirt and some sexy fishnet stockings. You know the ones I'm talking about, dont'cha? Mmmmmm that tight black leather that is just glistening with heat from within. I'm also getting out those super high platform stilletos baby, You know the ones that you always want me to wear.....

Beware guy's the rest of this little missive in digital wickedness is only for the brave and the truly deviant though. Are you a deviant??? We'll see.....

I'll bet that when you first thought about my super long legs, and that tight black leather miniskirt you got all excited didn't you? The first thing on your mind was WHOA, She is getting me HOT! You got a tingle that really got your attention I'll bet, and you're just itching for more. Are you looking at my picture yet? Am I getting you really excited? It feels Fantastic right? It's ok if you put your hand some place other than the keyboard, I promise I don't mind. Actually I'm really hoping that you do. If you're doing what I think you might be then we can continue unabated.

A few weeks ago this rather charming fellow stopped me as I was sashaying around and confessed his adoration for me. His eyes were full of passion and I could see the unquenched desire he had. He admited that he had seen me before, but he had hesitated to introduce himself to me. He was so awestruck that the only words he could describe me with were "WHOA" in multiple succession. Fellas It's absolutly true, that's exactly what happened. Yes I look that good in real life. Those here who have met me can surely attest to it. Well guy's, am I not just a huge tease or what?

I'm all dolled up tonight and very ready for you to make your move and seduce me though. Do you even realize how much thick and creamy red lipstick I have on just waiting for later? I made sure to dress as tarty as possible so you would have no doubt about my sensual intentions.

Now just imagine it with me fellas......

You see this super fine chick, that is just wickedly dressed, oozing sex appeal and you're standing there with a golden opportunity to TALK to her..... FLIRT with her.... COME ON to her.......

What would you do?????

You looked round and you knew there was no turning back, your mind raced and you thought what can I do? You knew there was no help, no help for you.


What do you do??? I know what you would do.....

You would do the very same thing you always do. NOTHING!

You see she got you all excited, she told you just what you wanted to hear and dressed just like the girl you spend every waking moment dreaming about and for what? So you could stand there and watch her walk by? The self hatred you feel for even looking at her is dripping down your chin as you gawk like she's a piece of meat in a butcher shop. Oh sure you have a train load of excuses and each one of them is just as ridiculous as your actions.

Instead of giving her some cheezy pickup line, or trying to make her laugh and perhaps cultivate her interest in you, you imagine what your buddies will say when they find out about her. Why exactly, because you're ashamed to admit that she turns you on! That's why! You chickend out because you felt guilty for being there while you wife is at home with the kids. You would rather just imagine the conversation, dream up some fantasy date, mumble to yourself how she is probably stuck up and wouldn't talk to you anyway...... I've heard it all.

Every week we get "love" letters from you guys who just can't wait to meet us or profess how you really will appreciate women like us. Unfortunately it's just another collosal Iceberg sized lie that you just can't avoid telling yourself or us. You are the bigest source of absolute disdain and scorn women like us have. The sheer number of you heathens who clamor around us is utterly staggering. The sad thing is I continually give you dillitants a chance each and every time you drool over me. I'm still to this very day not sure why.

Yes fellas it's full steam ahead, and baby we're just getting started. So those of you who can't take the chill should feel free to follow the exit signs and abandon ship or go back to your wife or girlfriend. Oh be sure to tell her that you're a lying coward that's cheating on her and the only reason you're with her is because she has different plumbing than you do. That's why you're with her isn't it? You just want to hide the truth from you're "friends" huh?

Heaven forbid your wife finds out that the only reason she is around is that she can't possibly embarass you at those lavish parties like the girl who has the genius IQ and a world class wardrobe to match it. Besides I'm sure she looks so much better in those ratty old jeans and flip flops than your super feminine and svelte fantasy girl does. I actually met one of you dunces who wanted to see "the REAL me".. As opposed to the "fake me", or the foolish facade that I formerly spent some of my life as. What an insult! It only took a moment before I burst into tears, how lovely. How strange that he was all compliments and just gushed about spending time with a woman like me until the reality struck him like a bolt of lightning. Beauty may be skin deep honey, but that kind of ugly goes to the bone.

Oh didn't you know? The vast majority of women like us have exceptionally high intelligence. We are extremely focused and incredibly courageous too, but what do you care. We have something you want to experience. We're "different" and "exotic" and so easy to get along with that you just can't stand the thought of being seen in public with us. We are EVERYTHING you EVER wanted in a woman except that we were not born one. Guess what, NOBODY is born a woman, we are all wholly and completely created by our environment. Margaret wasn't born "rich" and neither was James. Margaret didn't magically become a socialite, she worked her little bustle off to be the "IT" girl in Denver. It's also the very same way I have become your virtual vixen, I work very hard at it.

Just like Margaret, we practice and emulate the women we admire until we grow up. Just like other girls we play with makeup and jewelry and learn to walk in heels. We do the same exact things that every girl you ever dated did. what your wife does, we do, what your girlfriend thinks we think. There is no difference between me and your sister or that girl in accounting. Margaret loved James and married him and guess what, we want to marry you and love you also. James provided a wonderful home for Maggie and let her blossom into a wonderfully sophisticated woman, and she became the woman of his dreams who he could easily and comfortably show off to polite company.

Fellas we work ourselves into a tizzy trying to please you and be attractive for you and for what? An email telling us we're "hot" and you want to "get off" with our help. NO THANKS, I'LL PASS! Guy's let me clue you in on a very big secret, this revelation will astound and simply amaze you. Many would consider it ice breaking or even perhaps steel shattering. That's right it's a huge secret in our little club... If you're in a gay bar looking for a woman like us guess what... YOU'RE GAY!! So What, Just deal with it!

Is your precious little ego so fragile that being called an idiotic name will prevent you from living your life? Grow up, accept it, get over your embarassment. Honey I've been called a whole lot worse, but it does not make me less of a woman. The really sad thing is that WE are the ones who are wearing the heels and have far more to lose and you guys are the ones jumping overboard into the frozen Atlantic.

You see dear reader James made sure Margaret was safe and was willing to take his chances and accept the inevitable because he actually cared about her. IT wasn't because she wore a dress and lipstick, and it sure wasn't because of what she did or didn't have in her knickers. His love and sacrifice for her had absolutely nothing to do with what was under her dress. Margaret fought to go back to him and risked being thrown overboard for the very same reasons. She cried "those are our men" to those who were with her. I can also gaurantee she was NOT thinking about his wallet or his endowment when she said it either. Both of them made a life changing choice because they actually cared for each other.

Margaret would have given anything to save James from the Titanic that cold April night in 1912. Guy's we will do nearly anything to save you also but you have to get over your fears about us first. Quit lying to yourself, and quit lying to us. Margret was never ashamed of her humble beginings and neither are we.

As you can see boys I'm made of Ice and that's one thing the White Star line found out much too late. Ice can cut steel like butter....

NOW..... You've been - Thunderstruck!

With love,

Michelle Hart

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