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Out and About with Michelle Hart - Column 18

Anything But Ordinary

Originally a city state founded by Amazons three thousand years ago, Themyscira's inhabitants were the reincarnated souls of women slain throughout pre-history by men and given life by five Olympian goddesses; Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite. The Amazons were given gifts of great physical strength, beauty, wisdom, love, and highly acute senses. Being formed from clay, they share a unique oneness with nature. They were ruled by two sisters, Hippolyta and Antiope. For centuries the Amazons lived in a perfect state of harmony with their surroundings. They knew no racism, although many treat the Lost Tribe of Amazons as little more than savages. They did not think in terms of male gender, the word "policeman" was alien to them until Diana's departure into the outside world. They lived in a world where homosexuality is completely accepted—while some Amazons are chaste, others had loving consorts. They lived in a city composed entirely of Greco-Roman architecture from around 1200 BC. Here it's said that "the skies above fair Greece yawn wide pouring thousands of souls from Gaea's womb", thus placing the nation's original location somewhere near Greece.

Ares, the God of War, a chief opponent of the Amazons, manipulated his half brother Heracles to gather forces and attack Themyscira. Heracles subdued and ravaged Hippolyta, and his forces succeeded in ransacking Themyscira and making the Amazons their sex slaves. Hippolyta pleaded with the goddesses for help. The goddess Athena agreed to aid the Amazon but only if they did not go against their purpose of creation by seeking revenge. Agreeing to her terms Athena then released the Amazons from their chains and drugged state. However, once freed the Amazons then scoffed at their goddesses, slaughtering most of their captors. Soon after, Antiope led a force of Amazons off into Greece, seeking vengeance on Heracles. Because of this the Amazons lost favor with their gods and were given immortality and then sent to an island far away in the Aegean Sea. As decreed by the goddesses, Hippolyta led the remaining Amazons to this very remote and isolated island.

As penance for their failures as teachers, and seeking vengeance they became the guardians of Doom's Doorway. The Amazons arrived at the completely hidden Paradise Island after three months at sea. The doorway to Tartarus which lay beneath the island was a gateway to the underworld and the immortality of the Amazons would help them prevent the escape of the monsters beneath for eternity. Eventually the Amazons renamed their island to "Themyscira" after their original fallen home. They wore traditional Greek garb consisting of togas, sandals, and the appropriate warrior clothing of shields, breastplates and helmets. They all wore the Bracelets of Submission as a constant reminder of their past. They are fervently religious, worshipping their gods as living deities. The Amazons celebrate their creation each year in the Feast of Five, remembering the goddesses who brought them to life. Aside from constant prayer and worship the occasion begins with a hunt in honor to the goddess Artemis. A harvest is also celebrated in honor of the goddess Demeter. Artemis is their primary goddess, and they worship her with a sacrifice of a deer. A feast is then held in honor of the remaining goddesses. This is said to be the Themyscirians' most holy holiday.

Occasionally, the Nereides would bring to the shores of Themyscira young infants who would have drowned otherwise in accidents. When a female child is lost at sea, the child is rescued from drowning by the goddess Thetis. Thetis would rescue mortal female children she deemed "special" and safely transport them to the shores of Themyscira's Island for Healing. Once on the island the Amazon's chief physician Epione would discover them and tend to their care. After this the child would be taken to the royal palace where one Amazon was selected as the child's "Guardian of Inspiration". The baby was then granted great wisdom and strength of spirit with a magical kiss. According to the Amazon Pythia, Julia Kapatelis was the last of hundreds of babies to experience this in 1937. This "blessing" in actuality is a subliminal suggestion for the child to teach peace and equality throughout their lives. Called "sending forth", these infants would wash upon the shores of Paradise Island, be tutored spiritually in Amazonian ideals, and then be sent back mystically to the place of their disappearance. Julia Kapatelis, Diana's first friend in Patriarch's World, was one such infant. In recent times, Hippolyta’s daughter Diana, also known as Wonder Woman, has become an ambassador to the outside world or the Patriarch's world which we live in currently.

To walk within the lines would make my life so boring. I want to know that I have been to the extreme. So knock me off my feet, come on now give it to me, anything to make me feel alive!

Well ladies and gentlemen, isn't that quite an impressive anthology. Beautiful and highly spiritual feminine warriors cast out for taking vengeance upon the men who subjugated them. Yet even with such a sordid history Diana did return to the world of Patriarch's and right many wrongs. Wonder Woman has become a classic icon of feminine beauty and strength. She was statuesque, full of life and lived in vivid color while surrounded by a dull and dreary world. Over the years I have had the fortune and distinct pleasure of meeting many fabulous Amazons just like Diana, many of them have blessed me with their friendship and exuberant joy. As we pour our steaming mug's of hot chocolate tonight I would like to regale you with the story of one such Wonder Woman that I know.

Nearly 25 years ago Celeste Martinez had gone out with friends to Big Daddy's, just like many of us go to our own local club's with regularity. Her group was in the audience watching the performers do what they do best, entertain with wild abandon. Her friends knowing her talent asked if she could do a number and Charlie Summers, the emcee said "yes", and with that little seed grew a fantastic flower. The Nereides may not have found Celeste on the high sea's but Thetis certainly made sure that Celeste was given that magical kiss, perhaps Julia Kapatelis wasn't the very last Amazon to receive one after all.

Celeste has gone on from the shores of Themyscira to become the current reigning Miss Apollo, former Miss Gay Metroplex America, Miss Gay Dallas America in 1991, and Miss Gay Texas America in 1995 as well as Miss Gay Dallas US Of A in 2003. Celeste may not have won every title she sought but every Amazon warrior knows as she does, that with loss comes experience, and education. Celeste believes that quite strongly. When I asked her what being a showgirl is like as an occupation she just glowed as bright as the sun. Celeste just beamed with her usual exuberant joy and let me know that it's such a blessing to have a job such as hers, and that getting to do what she loves just couldn't get any better. Even though she has to practice often and create her own costumes and routines both her talent and skill on stage flow naturally as she glides around the Rose Room each week. As one of the many headlining entertainers she began working for Caven Enterprises in 1992 and is in the Rose Room each weekend. It's her sole occupation and she does it with absolutely incredible flair.

Celeste didn't really know how to explain her personal style, sexy to glamorous perhaps with a touch of the casual sometimes was her only description. As often as I have seen her on and off stage I would simply conclude that it's simply magnificent. Her greatest strength is that she can empathize with others and she often considers it to be her greatest flaw as well. but honestly that's no flaw in a world that needs so much of it.

Her on stage costumes capture her unique personality because she feels that's one way of interpreting whatever number she is doing on stage. Many of her costumes are "just for work" as she wistfully put it. In an effort to be chaste she even confided "a lot of my clothes are for the stage and you wouldn't want to wear them to an everyday social event or even the grocery store", and as erotic as some of them are I definitely agree. We discussed her tremendous love of films covering the just plain silly to the dramatically serious, and even the crying our eyes out passionate. She enjoys them all. Celeste really enjoys 20/20 and Dateline, and she thinks Anderson Cooper is great, but couldn't really think of anyone she really disliked. My guess is she has a secret crush on Anderson but she wouldn't confirm it. I'll be sure to dip her pigtails in ink until she confesses it though. She enjoys a good book and is currently reading "Angels and Demons" which she concedes is far better than the movie. Her last tome was "The Vampire Diaries" and she is a huge fan of Anne Rice, so do check them out sometime she recommended. Celeste often finds inspiration from current movies and music to aid in preparation for the development of her performance based on what is popular at the moment.

Celeste's grace was evident when she told me of her admiration for all the girls she works with and all the other girls who came before her. She was so grateful to all who have made it possible for her to work in this field. Even though she appreciated what other entertainers have accomplished she considered her mother a huge role model. Celeste related how independent, as well as strong willed her mother is, and that she is such a confident person yet still very compassionate and kind without any hint of woeful disdain nor prejudice. Is it really any wonder now why Thetis smiled upon her and made her such a fantastic woman.

Armed with such incredible character Celeste is diligent in her efforts to not judge others and treats people the way she wishes to be treated. When I asked her if anyone had shown undue malice to her she shared that it's a wakeup call at times, but you have to remember prejudice is something that is taught and all we can do is try to educate others in better ways. Even occasional discrimination bounces off her. If that's not worthy of Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite I just don't know what else could be. Celeste loves to see our community come together as one for whatever reason, yet is often heartbroken with the petty dissention that often occurs. She knows that we are no different than anyone else, and that we all want, and care for the very same things. One thing Celeste and your digital Diva agree on is that there are too many people to name that we both have great love and respect for and we both feel that educating others will help any positive message that is out there and misinformation, lies or gossip, will do just the opposite.

When I finally asked for the naughty details of her personal life which is far removed from the bright lights of the stage she just gave me a sly grin. Well it didn't take long to get the ice cream out, find some nail polish, and dig out the sordid details I'm sure her fans are aching for by now. Currently She is single, she's not really looking but not opposed to it either. If it happens it happens, and if it doesn't it doesn't she assured me. With her absolutely bewitching laugh she let me know she is definitely a straight woman, so sorry about that ladies. One virtue that is high on her list is a sense of humor first and foremost, and she is fastidious in avoiding men with control and anger issues, she's "been there done that" and won't tolerate it. Being a showgirl has often affected her relationships though. It takes a very secure person to date a showgirl, otherwise she feels that there are all kinds of jealousy's and the relationship is doomed to eventual failure. Celeste does believe that children are a gift and there are times she would LOVE to have children and other times that she thinks.... "I maybe too selfish so maybe it's not for me" so I left it with that revelation.

Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out. I laugh myself to sleep, It's my lullaby. I drive so fast, Just to feel the danger, I wanna scream, It makes me feel alive.

Over the years as I've become closer to Celeste she has earned my respect and adoration. I have seen her while she's on stage and often off stage. Wether we were speaking backstage in regard to this article or just visiting casually; Her deference, grace, class, and wonderful personality has always shone like a brilliant diamond. During the course of our discussions she revealed many things to me, some I included, quite a few I glossed over or even omitted entirely. While you may not know everything, that's not really the point is it? As always ladies and gentlemen it's the smallest fragment of a world you may not even know that reveals such a powerful truth. Celeste is wonderful on stage and off for a reason. She made a choice and stuck with it, she worked tirelessly to develop her craft, she has become an icon without ever knowing it. She may not have been one of the original Amazons sent to paradise Island but thankfully she has returned to Patriarch’s world to show us ALL the way. I really can't think of a better Amazon goddess so deserving of immortality to guard The doorway to Tartarus and represent our community than Celeste Martinez.

As our night drew to a close, our coffee cold, our nails painted, and far to much ice cream consumed which would need to be worked off our curvaceous behinds, her last comment was the most wonderfully profound of the night; "It's Better to be disliked for who you are then loved for who you are not" and I'm certain I will continue to adore her for who she is just as you should to. She is truly the epitome of an Amazon Warrior..... Beautiful, vivacious, of boundless wisdom, dedicated to who she is and happy with her choices in life. All of us can learn something from women like her, if we are truly blessed as she has been we can emulate her passions and become the best just as she has.

Celeste may not have an invisible jet, but she certainly is a Wonder-full Woman... I'd rather be anything but ordinary just like she is.

With love,

Michelle Hart

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