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Out and About with Michelle Hart - Column 21

I Won't Back Down

In 1860 south Carolina adopted an ordinance declaring its secession from the union shortly after Abraham Lincoln's victory in the presidential election, and by February of 1861, six more southern states had adopted similar ordinances of secession. On March 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as 16th President of the United States. In his first inaugural address, Lincoln declared, "I hold that in contemplation of universal law, and of the Constitution, the union of these states is perpetual. Perpetuity is implied, if not expressed, in the fundamental law of all national governments." He asked rhetorically that if the Constitution were a simple contract, would it not require the agreement of all parties to rescind it, and then called any ordinances of secession legally void. He further argued that the purpose of the United States Constitution was to form a more perfect union. Lincoln made the case that if the Articles of Confederation, which were explicitly perpetual, also proved that the Constitution was similarly perpetual.

During Lincoln's inaugural address, in a final attempt to reunite the states and prevent certain war, Lincoln reluctantly supported the pending Corwin amendment to the Constitution, which had passed congress the previous day. This amendment, explicitly protected slavery in those states in which it already existed. It was considered by Lincoln to be a possible way to stave off secession. Lincoln had already tried negotiation's, he had tried appeasement, he tried a constitutional amendment to prevent war, but nothing satisfied the slave owners. They would suffer no compromise in their pro-slavery agenda and they believed every state in the union should adopt slavery. It didn't matter that the majority had turned away from it, that it was considered by many as bad policy, and that it had unfairly hurt northern cotton producers. Everyone should have just agreed with their plan no matter the cost to the nation. A few short weeks before the war Lincoln went so far as to pen a letter to every governor asking for their support in ratifying the Corwin amendment. Lincoln and nearly every republican leader adopted this position by March of 1861 believing that the union could not be dismantled. Believing that a peaceful solution was still possible, Lincoln decided to not take any action against the south unless the unionists themselves were attacked first.

On April 12 in 1861 the confederate forces attacked the U.S. military installation at Fort Sumter, in South Carolina. This attack which began with the naval bombardment and the eventual surrender of the union garrison near Charleston started the American civil war. Lincoln responded by calling for a volunteer army from each state, leading to a declaration of secession by four more southern slave states. Both sides raised armies as the union assumed control of the border states early in the war, and established a naval blockade. In September of 1862, Lincoln's emancipation proclamation made ending slavery in the south a war goal, and dissuaded the British from intervening. Except for the American revolution which created the United States, no such movement, revolution or secession, has succeeded. In 1861, the Confederate States of America attempted, and failed, to achieve secession by force of arms.

The Constitution was then, just as it is now, perpetual. Lincoln also showed that disagreement, or willful disregard of it would not be accepted by the American public. It wouldn't be rescinded on a whim to satisfy the desires of the few. While Lincoln did suspend portions of it during wartime, each clause that was suspended then is currently still in effect today. Lincoln believed in his oath of office, he swore to uphold it, and defend it against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. The democratic leader Stephen A. Douglas' support for the Freeport doctrine, which was an argument for thwarting the Dred Scott decision by attempting to find a compromise between pro-slavery and anti-slavery positions only served to divide the democratic party even further between the north and the south. In the second month of his presidency Lincoln was forced by the southern democrats to fight a war against a domestic enemy, the slave owners.

Well I won't back down, you can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won't back down. No I'll stand my ground, won't be turned around, and I'll keep this world from dragging me down gonna stand my ground... And I won't back down!

Tonight girls as we gather around the campfire and load the musket's, and relish in the lustful glances of those hot little blue boy's, enjoying our freedom to do so; think for a moment about those who have sought oppression and those who fought to prevent it. Admittedly slavery was a dark time in American history, but even though it was popular or beneficial to some it was completely eliminated because it was quite simply a really bad domestic policy. Forcefully taking the labor of someone else to enrich yourself is a cruel and evil practice. No matter haw hard the slaves worked they would never be able to enjoy the fruits of that labor. Somebody else would always benefit from their effort and hard work. Today 47% of Americans pay absolutely no income taxes and are actually sent a payment from those who do, often it goes to someone who deserves it the least. So what does your sweet little digital vixen have up her satin sleeve this month you ask? Will the drumbeat of war and conflict call you to arms, or will you rally your forces with a steady hand? Let's find out.

Isn't it rather interesting that even though several states had left the union already, Lincoln desperately tried to keep the nation together. He was willing to offer a huge compromise of his personal beliefs about slavery with the Corwin amendment hoping to re-unite the nation and prevent it from dissolving further into war. Something he may have never realized was that he was never fighting to free the slaves, he was actually fighting the true slaves. The plantation owners were the true slaves, they were so enslaved by the idea of persecuting blacks that they adamantly refused to compromise with anyone. The confederacy was slavishly devoted to such a horrific and completely immoral notion that any disagreement was not to be tolerated. Nothing could deter them from the desire to continue slavery and expand it, and if well over 620,000 Americans had to die, so be it, as long as they got their way. The slave states just KNEW that slavery was the path the nation should follow! They KNEW everybody wanted slaves, they just KNEW it was a good thing and the rest of the country just needed to accept it. They KNEW what was best!!

Think long, and hard about that for a moment... It's utterly astounding isn't it?

I realize that may be a little profound rolling off the dark red lips of your resident virtual temptress, but truly consider the real cost of blind obedience to a dogma of lunacy like the democrat desire to keep slavery alive and expand it throughout the nation. I'll bet you were hoping for the latest scoop on the Fredrick's of Hollywood's spring line and not the competition for the most profound question of week club... Right? Well my lovely readers as always I'm here to make you think a little, wonder a lot, and draw you into discussions about things other than fanciful whimsy on occasion. While sometimes it may not be apparent initially... My goal has, and always will be to bring to you things that are relevant to our community. It won't always be pretty but it will always be informative. I sure hope so anyway. Don't worry girls, I'll get to how to keep your corset and bustle clean on the battlefield next week... I Promise.

Sometimes being passionate or committed to a belief is so detrimental to a country that it leads to the most horrific of outcomes. Pledging restraint toward those who seek your demise has never worked, Lincoln should have known that. Over 140 years ago Lincoln vowed to not attack the slave states unless they attacked first. Well as we all know that just wasn't satisfactory to the slave owners. Fort Sumter was attacked, then it fell, and the civil war began. In the 2nd century A.D. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojan Horse was brought into Troy, and it fell. President Roosevelt found that out also when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Neville Chamberlain found this out after his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938. There always has been, and will always be those who are forced to fight against the plantation owners who seek oppression, and slavery.

Well ladies, doesn't all of this remind you of a certain year long "debate" about the healthcare law that 60% of the American public are totally against? All manner of back room negotiations, special provisions for certain states, unbelievable federal spending, and the adamant refusal to support the mandates by dozens of state governors? Hmmm.... This sure reminds me of month after month of demonstrably false accusations of racism, terrorism, hateful language, crude sexual innuendo, outright dismissal, and derision of the Tea Party and the American public that's come from our current administration. The constantly repeated claims of "we know what's best for you, and what you really need" so just accept what we are going to give you. The "no new taxes pledge" which resulted in NEW cigarette taxes, tanning salon taxes, cosmetic surgery taxes, new payroll taxes, and even more like a V.A.T. yet to come.

Well I know what's right, I've got just one life. In a world that keeps on pushing me around, but I'll stand my ground ... And I won't back down!

One of the many challenges that we all face in this great country, as if we all needed another boring list, are those who always do more harm than good. Good intentions are not equal to actual results. Often these slave owners just elicit massive shame, or actual harm by justifying or magnifying any perceived slight for their own aggrandizement. Rather that any real desire to improve things and truly help others they just complain about the unfairness of it all. On and on the slave owners ramble about how unfair everything is, how we need special rules, we need this law or that regulation enacted to help us. None of us are capable of doing anything without our slave owner to help us, and to guide our lives. Let's outlaw salt, protect the delta smelt, meat free monday's, building turtle and salamander tunnels, outlawing light bulbs, transfats, flat screen Tv's and even petitions to outlaw water? Look them up sweetie... It's all true! We can only succeed in modern life "IF" this or "IF" that.... Don't you just feel so empowered by their contempt and smug superiority as they treat you like a foolish and helpless child? Holding out our hands like Oliver begging "more please" is our eventual destination if we don't resist now, and many people today know it. This never-ending buffoonery is so obvious it's almost become a Greek tragedy.

President Lincoln, and Ulysses S. Grant fought for those founding ideals in the Constitution, and this country sacrificed far to much in preserving that "contemplation of universal law" for each and every single one of you reading right now! Will YOU be the one to spoil that sacrifice with petty complaints, are YOU the one who whines about the lack of "fairness" or "social justice" because you didn't get your way? Will YOU be the one who lays claim to the labor of another? Are YOU the person who is so entrenched in historically bad ideas that you refuse to let go of the chains that continue to hold you down? Girls, sometimes life just isn't fair, life wasn't ever meant to, nor will it ever be "fair". Are YOU the one who is so eager to force slavery upon the union that it will destroy what has been built with that long history of sacrifice? Doing the right thing starts first and foremost with YOU my dear reader! Like Ulysses S. Grant, we shouldn't be dissuaded from doing the right thing. While we may suffer setback after setback in this conflict eventually those seeking to enslave us will not prevail, unless we allow it.

Even though Lincoln tried to find a peaceful solution, the slave owners adamantly refused. Today we are faced with a very similar proposition. Unfortunately our nanny government, aided by Al Sharpton and his race hustlers, the transparently sleazy snake oil salesmen like Barack Obama and Al Gore, the pompous arrogant liars and thieves infesting congress both the Democrat AND Republican sides, and the whiney misfits like Perez Hilton or Michael Musto have all conspired to keep us in chains. They publicly mock and deride all of us while looking to the same for shelter from the disdain or contempt they draw. Every group has them. The perpetual victim of ( ? ) you know who they are, you know they don't really care about you, unless you're one of their slaves. None of them are interested in really helping any of us improve our lives. None have any desire to find common ground with those whom they disagree. Without us as their slaves they are just petulant children seeking undeserved attention. Each are dismal failures who cling to their venomous spite of actual freedom for their own enrichment, never yours. Dear readers I implore you to break those shackles, stop giving these charlatans the undeserved accolades they expect your blood to pay for.

I refuse to be seen as weak and helpless by these merchants of victimhood, these cruel plantation owners. I wont support those who insult me in the name of fairness, social justice, or equality. Their slick talk, willful distortions, and lies wont convince me to stay as their slave. I'm a free woman, who thinks for herself, and I'll be wearing union blue standing beside Grant with my bayonet, musket, and powder in hand.

I will follow President Lincoln and General Grant into the breach. I will fight to preserve the union as it was intended by Franklin, Washington, or Madison, and will NOT be fundamentally transforming America into something the slave owners foolishly dream of.

Eventually all of us will be faced with that choice, Liberty for all.... Or freedom for none.

I am an American....I won't back down...

Will You?

With love,

Michelle Hart

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