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Gone But Not Forgotten

URNotAlone has become a home and a family to many different people. We may not always get along, we may not always see eye to eye, but we are here because we all share a common journey. Even if that journey doesn't start or stop in the same place.

Unfortunately, that journey does end. Sometimes, it ends with hugs and laughter. Sometimes, we don't get the chance to say everything that we feel.

When we lose a sister or a brother on this journey, the sadness can be overwhelming. It's often easier to focus on what we have lost, then it is to see the wonderful opportunity we have had.

It's important, that every once in a while, we take a moment to reflect and remember. That's why URNA has created a section of the site dedicated to those people we have lost.

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  • Kelli Nicole Elam 4/17/2015 14:32 Earlier this week, a friend of mine on here...whom I know was also a friend to countless others...passed away. This was dear Lyra--"The Original", and HOW true that was! Original, interesting, intelligent, funny, and lovely of course. To me though, she was a friend, and a good soul, and people such as those should live "forever", in my mind anyway. I do know that us women and men who knew Lyra, mainly from our chat room, where MUCH the richer, knowing her, knowing of her, and she will be missed for a very long time, sigh. Rest In Peace, Lyra, my friend. Love you, Always. (Hugs) ♥

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