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Kindness in chat - Update

As a reminder, the use of derogatory names and racial slurs is strictly forbidden in URNA Chat. The Chat Moderators will kick you without warning. In addition, depending upon the circumstances, you may have your profiled removed and/or banned indefinitely. This will not be tolerated !

I am reaching out to everyone on URNA, please try to listen more, try to find common ground, because we are a community. As a community, we have so much more in common than our differences. I ask that we all try to be kind to one another, be kind even when we don't agree. I promise to try on my part.



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  • Sasha Anne Meadows 9/25/2017 13:17 Very well stated, Pam. I hope our fellow members here take it to heart.
  • GypsyAtlanta 1/21/2017 13:58 Why not create a separate chatroom for politics so the rest of us dont have to listen to it. And if you do please make a rule that the users have to use it or get frozen or banned. Im sick of coming into the room as a gold paying member and having to listen to the political garbage from non paying members. Why am I paying for that. I come in the chat to have fun, not be attacked, called names, or argue.
  • Lisa Coles 1/16/2017 19:23 is the ban on that topic over yet?
  • Sasha Anne Meadows 1/16/2017 13:44 We in the transgender community must stick together as sisters. We are more alike than not and only we as sisters can truly understand our experiences.

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