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Kindness in chat

Yesterday, I posted what I hoped would be a call to understanding and kindness after the recent election. Based on the reaction so far, I failed miserably. I am going to try again with a better effort.

We as a community need healing. I see it in Chat most nights.

I am reaching out to everyone on URNA, please try to listen more, try to find common ground, because we are a community. As a community, we have so much more in common than our differences.

So for now, it's likely best to steer away from politics in chat. I ask that we all try to be kind to one another, be kind even when we don't agree. I promise to try on my part.



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  • Sasha Anne Meadows 9/25/2017 13:17 Very well stated, Pam. I hope our fellow members here take it to heart.
  • GypsyAtlanta 1/21/2017 13:58 Why not create a separate chatroom for politics so the rest of us dont have to listen to it. And if you do please make a rule that the users have to use it or get frozen or banned. Im sick of coming into the room as a gold paying member and having to listen to the political garbage from non paying members. Why am I paying for that. I come in the chat to have fun, not be attacked, called names, or argue.
  • Lisa Coles 1/16/2017 19:23 is the ban on that topic over yet?
  • Sasha Anne Meadows 1/16/2017 13:44 We in the transgender community must stick together as sisters. We are more alike than not and only we as sisters can truly understand our experiences.

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