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Lyra The Original 1952 - 2015

The more I cry.. the more I understand.

I sincerely believe that.

What Lyra taught me was that we have a voice, that can be heard, and it can be loud.. and it can also be silent.

The test of time captures only one thing, our experiences. The times we spent with that person... and that applies to every single individual relationships we have. We cannot avoid this stuff, we are humans, affected by what we feel.

Lyra is gone. But.. she is not gone. She lives in our own lives, in the way that we have had little moments with her, and those of thos precious few that cracked her shell, to know that she is a very gentle soul. Those precious times, we need to hold onto.

Lyra reached out, and so we should, as a community, that is her legacy. To reach out.

We have lost an important person, but its not the loss that we should feel. Its what she did and said for us, that should matter.

Cherish your moments with Lyra, I do, but remember, she spoke for the few that had no voice.


Pam - There were many who expressed loss with Lyra's passing, me included. I miss her.


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  • Sasha Anne Meadows 11/23/2015 14:06 I still miss seeing her every night in the chat room.
  • Sasha Anne Meadows 5/09/2015 16:15 I will never forget her and I miss her daily. Farewell my sweet and lovely friend.
  • Jen 4/26/2015 12:12 I miss her every day.
  • Dominique Pistone 4/26/2015 07:15 I am so sorry to hear this news. Lyra was always kind to me as I first struggled to come out to the world. Her sense of humor often brought me up when I was feeling low. I will miss her and the support she gave to all of us. People can and do make a difference. Lyra was proof of that. I will miss you more than these words can say.

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