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Action Alert: Transgender Community Needs Assessment Survey

Action Alert: Transgender Community Needs Assessment Survey

Dec 2, 2003

Community Needs Assessment Survey - We need your input!  [click on the "research projects" button].

We all know there is very little reliable statistical data about trans and gender variant identified persons - here is a  great opportunity to help change that!   Sponsored by the NTAC (National Transgender Advocacy Coalition) and under the supervision of Claremont Graduate University, Elizabeth Green is running an online survey to collect statistical data about gender variant persons and their experiences.  This study is available to anyone residing... [more]

Our NEW Chat Server is UP

Our NEW Chat Server is UP

Nov 16, 2003

URNA is constantly striving to improve your experience here. Towards those ends, we have upgraded to a New Chat server! That's right! In response to a multitude of requests, we have added the ability for people to use colors, emoticons and more!

Be sure to jump in and check it out! We are very pleased with our new system!

Topsites is Back

Topsites is Back

Nov 6, 2003

Many of you will be pleased to know that the URNA/ModelTS Topsites list is Back! That's right, after a couple of false starts, we are finally bringing back our most popular traffic generating feature.

It's pretty simple. Sign-up for a banner, you will receive a link to put on your webpage. The more traffic you send to us, the higher you will rank on our list. In the past, members of our Topsite have reported hundreds of unique visitors a day, just from URNA!

If you have your own site and want to generate traffic for it, this is an ideal solution. Be sure to check ... [more]

Ghouls Night Out - Halloween with! (Updated!)

Ghouls Night Out - Halloween with! (Updated!)

Oct 20, 2003

UPDATE: It turns out that Jacques will be open until 2am on Halloween, and there is a Fetish Event going on downstairs! We've decided to completely take ManRay off the table for this year since we get to party at Jacques ALL NIGHT LONG!

What are you doing Friday, October 31st? If you don't already have plans, you should come down to Jacques Cabaret in Boston and Join The Fun!

That's right, the staff of your Favorite Transgendered Site is throwing a little party at the oldest Drag Bar in America, Jacques Cabaret. Come meet Jon, Dan, Raina, Scarlett and Josie (... [more]


Our Logo Contest Winners! (Oct 16, 2003)

Well, we asked, and you provided. We had more entries than you could shake a stick at, and it looks like our members have put a LOT of thought into their designs. Like everything else, it really helped reenforce for the staff here at URNA that our members are more than just random photos on the Inte... [more]

URNA's Logo Contest (Sep 12, 2003) has sure come a long way in eight years. We've gone through at least four major designs, and our list of FREE services only continues to grow.

As part of our on-going efforts to improve the site, we are finally at a point where we can start to improve the design and sta... [more]

Simplified Profile Links are Back! (Aug 26, 2003)

That's right, simplified profiles have returned! Thanks to one of our Members, Raina, and a lot of poking around on the server, I've managed to restore our old naming convention for linking to member profiles.

Instead of
... [more]

Chat is Back ONLINE! (Aug 23, 2003)

Well, we promised it wouldn't happen, but Chat was offline again for almost two days. It is however back now!

In addition to upgrading the server to the most current version, we have made some changes that we think you will like. We have removed the advertisements entirely from chat (... [more]

Our Latest Upgrade! (Aug 21, 2003)

First, the "Bad News" - A few of our services (Chat, Member Logon) will be offline for the next 24 hours (August 21-22)

What's the good news you ask? We've upgraded the URNotAlone server!

That's right, we've moved from our little 800 MHz AMD server to Dual 1.8 GHz serve... [more]

URNA Presents Our New Content Section: ModelTS! (Aug 10, 2003)

URNA is very pleased to announce it's new Adult Content section, ModelTS! That's right, we have added our very own Adult photos and videos. Not only that, but a ModelTS membership Automatically gives you access to our Adult Member Galleries (still available seperately).

ModelTS alread... [more]

Construction Underway! (Jul 18, 2003)

Now that URNA has moved to a new server, you are going to start seeing a lot of little changes everyday. The biggest change coming is that we are merging URNA with ModelTS!

You may have noticed that there is now a "ModelTS" option in the People section and we are starting to list our ... [more]

Welcome to Our New Home (Jul 12, 2003)

Believe it or not, URNA has moved. That's right. We've upgraded our server and changed hosting companies. With any luck, you won't even have noticed.

We might have some minor bugs left to work out, but this should be our last move for a long time. All of the same great FREE features a... [more]

Our Places Database is Back Online! (Jul 5, 2003)

What did you do on your Fourth of July weekend? Dan spent most of the day rewriting our Famous "Places" database for the new site. Our database contains listings of Transgender Friendly Botiques, Bars, Clubs, and Restaraunts from accross the United States and the World!

All of the fea... [more]

The Boston Conference (Why you should care) (Jun 26, 2003)

It only took four years, but Jon and Dan finally met face to face in Boston, the weekend of June 20th. Aside from the numerous and casual visits to "Jacques" and "Manray" in Cambridge, a lot more was going on then just a simple visit.

URNA's founder (Jon) and it's webmaster (Dan) had ... [more]

Dan's Coming To Boston! (Jun 20-23) (Jun 6, 2003)

What are you doing the weekened of June 20th? If you are in Boston, you should consider swinging by Jacques Caberet and meeting Jon, URNA's founder, Vicky, and Dan, URNA's webmaster.

That's right. After four years, Jon and Dan are finally meeting face to face in the Best and Oldrest T... [more]

Our New Pricing/Buy a PUBLIC Gallery (Jun 3, 2003)

We've institued new pricing to access our Member's ADULT Galleries. For only $5.95 for the first month and $3.95 for every month after, you can have full access to our Members ADULT Galleries.

Additionally, we've instituted a new pricing structure for people who would like to save a l... [more]

Chat is Back ONLINE! (May 30, 2003)

Well, it took a LOT longer than we had hoped, but Chat is BACK ONLINE! We've taken the extra time to updrade the server, add options for more users and generally make Chat a much cooler experience for everyone.

Chat is open and FREE to the public, though we are adding special member f... [more]

Our New Topsites (May 24, 2003)

URNA gets hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a day! Wouldn't it be nice if YOUR site got some of our traffic?

We are uniquely positioned on the internet with an incredibly focused target audience. We know who our members and visitors are, and what they want. Ask our advertisers.... [more]

Galleries (Grand Re-Opening) (May 21, 2003)

Our galleries are back online and better than ever! Now you can sort and browse our galleries by type, AND location! We will be adding more useful features to the system over the next few weeks.

If you have an existing account to view our member's Adult Galleries, you will once again... [more]

Problems Registering? (May 21, 2003)

Well join the club! No, really, we had a problem, but it's fixed so c'mon in and join the club!

We're still getting the swing of things with the new server but we are getting the bugs ironed out, one at a time. If you have tried to register since our conversion, please walk through th... [more]

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