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Welcome to the Brand New Site!

Welcome to the Brand New Site!

May 19, 2003

Well. it's taken almost three weeks, and more than a little blood, sweat and tears, but we have almost completed our conversion from Windows 2000 to Linux.

While we were at it, we decided to re-design the site, automate a few more of our services, and generally improve the site overall. We are very pleased with our new enhancements and we hope you will be too!

Please be aware that we aren't completely done just yet. Not ALL of our services work exactly right, and we still have tweak to galleries and chat a little, but we are back, and as always, it will only get b... [more]


Where Is My Photo?

May 18, 2003

Moving a site as massive as URNA is no small undertaking. Unforuntately, we were unable to move a number of member photos over to our new site.

While we have a policy of not displaying profiles without photos, there are currently a large number of profiles that do not have photos. We are going through and disabling these profiles as we have the opporotunity.

If your member account was affected by the move, log on and upload a photo as quickly as you can. You will find that our new system is much easier to use! Besides, the site got a new look, isn't it time for us to see yours?

Changes Are Coming!

Changes Are Coming!

May 11, 2003

URNA is undergoing some pretty radical changes. After way too many crashes, Jon and I have decided to migrate to entire site to Linux. It's speed, stability and security make it the most viable alternative to the slow bug ridden mess we have now.

In the interim, we are making minor changes across this site in preparation for the move. You will notice that you have more options in your profile and some options have changed.

We are still having issues with image upload and eMail but we are getting them resolved slowly. Please bear with us. We expect to bring the new... [more]


Technical Problems

Apr 24, 2003

As most of you have noticed, we've been experiencing some technical problems as the result of a pretty nasty worm. We are working to restore the site and it's functionality so please bear with us. Not all of our features are back, but we hope it won't take too long.


Jacques Cabaret... Licensing Hearing Outcome (Mar 14, 2003)

Jacques will not be closing. Their hearing in front of the Boston Licensing Board resulted in the following new "restrictions" in addition to the current Midnight Closing time:

1. No re-entry. If you're in the bar and you leave, you won't be allowed back in.
2. No entry after ... [more]

Model For Us

Model For Us (Jan 1, 2003)

Last updated: 11/17/2006

We will not be doing anymore shoots for the ModelTS Section of the Site and We are no longer looking for Models. For details, please read the following article:

Changes are Coming - URNA is getting out of the Adult Content Business.


Not Necassarily Our Opinions... (Dec 24, 2002)

Just a note on Articles. The views expressed in Articles are not necessarily the views or opinions of Jon, Vicky or Dan, unless of course they are written by one of us... rather, they are the view of the person who submitted the article. We will post articles from anyone who is willing to contribute... [more]

Happy Holidays (Dec 16, 2002)

Happy Holidays from all of us at URNotAlone. All of us being... Jon, Vicky & Dan. Thanks to all of you for helping to make URNotAlone the success it is today!

While I've got your attention, I'm kind of surprised at how little response we got when Dan posted a request for Articles bac... [more]

When Corresponding... (Dec 5, 2002)

Hi everyone. When corresponding with Dan or I via our personal eMail addresses or via regarding any type of support issue, it would really help if you include past correspondence so we know the history of what you or we have tried to resolve the problem. The best way to do this ... [more]

New Gallery Pricing! (Aug 10, 2002)

We've had such success with the Galleries that we are dramatically reducing our prices! Registered members can now purchase Public Galleries for only $9.95 a year! Additionally, our Adult Galleries are now FREE!

That's right, Adult Galleries are now FREE to registered members 18 and o... [more]

Call for Articles (Jul 28, 2002)

Have you noticed the new Articles Category? Do you have an Article you think would be useful or informative to Our Community? Makeup Tips... Clothing Tips... Hormone Therapy... Transitioning in the Workplace... Coming out to your family or friends... You can eMail your article to admin@urnotalone.... [more]

Chat is BACK ONLINE! (Jul 16, 2002)

Well, it took a little longer than we had planned, but our chat room is now back online! We still have to reset the basic room/color/option configurations, but everything will be back in place next week. Until then, go ahead and jump back in!

July's ADULT Gallery Give Away (Jul 1, 2002)

Summer is in full swing. Right on Schedule, the internet slows down (our happy little recession doesn't help matters much either). To spice up your sultry summer nights, URNotAlone is pleased to announce a very special offer, for a limited time only.

If you are a REGISTERED member (Ap... [more]

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