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Danny La Rue to take to the stage again?

Danny La Rue to take to the stage again?

Apr 13, 2006 - Katherine Knowles

Danny La Rue may well take to the stage again, after making good progress with his recovery from a debilitating stroke earlier this year.

The shine has been taken off this good news, however, by rumours that the performer may need to get back to the stage as quickly as his health will allow for financial reasons.

La Rue was expected to tour his show all spring in venues around the UK, but had to cancel when a stroke left him hospitalised and extremely debilitated.

Friends have been quick to speak up ... [more]

Meghan Chavalier Returns for Wendy’s Wild Shemales

Meghan Chavalier Returns for Wendy’s Wild Shemales

Apr 12, 2006 - Carlos Martinez

Transsexual adult performer Meghan Chavalier is back from a brief hiatus to star in Wendy’s Wild Shemales 4, set for release May 1 through Avalon Distribution.

Chavalier, who had starred in more than 150 movies, had taken a break from performing in 2002 to write her fantasy/adventure book “The Mystical Journey: The Book of Elandor,” which she wrote under the pen name K.J. Siirila.

But she’s back in action with Wendy Williams, who also directs and performs, along with transsexual performers Janita and Special.

... [more]

Eddie Murphy Does One Nice Thing For A Trannie Hooker...

Eddie Murphy Does One Nice Thing For A Trannie Hooker...

Apr 12, 2006

Sitting high atop Eddie Murphy's long list of lifelong regrets, above even The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Showtime, must be that fateful night in 1997 when he fell victim to his own bleeding heart and whisked a weepy transexual street walker off the mean streets of West Hollywood, only to be stopped by cops and questioned about what s/he was doing in his car. ("Taking a load off, officers!" we imagine him saying, before launching into his trademark wheeze-laugh.) Nine years later, he's still living his good deed down, and thanks to his recent divorce to Nicole Mitc... [more]

I Am Jeffree Star: the QUEEN of the BEAUTIFULS

I Am Jeffree Star: the QUEEN of the BEAUTIFULS

Apr 11, 2006

Hi, how are you?

[I'm Jeffree Star: the QUEEN of the BEAUTIFULS]

AND I'm the BADDEST bitch in this game.

My plastic surgery face is just another reminder of what I'm walking away from.

My music is just another reminder to shut the fuck up and take your clothes off.

My life is just another reminder that I'm the reason teenage girls shove their fingers down their throats and little boys question their sexuality.

It's OK - he's only playing a man playing a woman

It's OK - he's only playing a man playing a woman (Mar 30, 2006)

RelishNow - By Megan Scott

NEW YORK - Black America is in love with man in a dress. This one wears a wig, no bra and carries a gun. Her name is Madea, and she's a smart-talking, no-nonsense-taking, grandma-with-an-attitude.

She believes in hot grits (for more than eatin... [more]

Transvestite gives traders a dressing-down

Transvestite gives traders a dressing-down (Mar 25, 2006)

Hackney Gazette -

AN Oxford-educated transvestite has told of the "intimidation" and "discomfort" he felt at the hands of Hackney market traders after he was jeered for wearing a bright pink wig and skirt.

Jeremy Carroll, 41, was shopping in R... [more]

At 81, granddad is grandma!

At 81, granddad is grandma! (Mar 24, 2006)

By Carol Coetzee (You Magazine)

George was devoted to his wife Mildred for 53 years – but he had a secret dream.

She flutters her eyelashes when she tries to recall something from the past and her slim fingers with red nails seem to flutter too.

At first ... [more]

Veronica Klaus - Family Jewels

Veronica Klaus - Family Jewels (Mar 20, 2006)

Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

Veronica Klaus is brassy and confident onstage discussing her sex change in 'Family Jewels.' In person, though, she protects her privacy.

In her one-woman show, "Family Jewels," the flame-haired chanteuse Veronica Kl... [more]

From King of Pop to Queen of Arabia

From King of Pop to Queen of Arabia (Jan 26, 2006)

Arab News - Usama Hussain - MANAMA, Bahrain, 26 January 2006

Michael Jackson has been out of the limelight ever since he was acquitted of child molestation charges in a highly publicized trial, which left his career and reputation in ruin. He left his life in Tinseltown and moved to t... [more]

Life's a wonderful drag

Life's a wonderful drag (Jan 25, 2006)

Jerusalem Post - Jan. 25, 2006 14:59 By VIVA SARAH PRESS

The celebrated HERO festival in New Zealand once touted Miss Laila Carry as "The Best Drag Queen in the Middle East". The guy behind Carry's character, Noam Huberman, appreciates the title.

Now starring in a one-w... [more]

Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five (Oct 12, 2005)

Fabulous Five: East Bay Express: Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Lipstick Conspiracy aspires to rock stardom, but that's a tough sell when you can't even tell your co-workers you're a tranny.
By Rachel Swan
Shawna Love has an enviable talent for driving in stiletto heels...

Havin' Buck for Breakfast

Havin' Buck for Breakfast (Sep 25, 2005)

This Article is Adult in nature and deals with the Adult Film Industry... but... I thought, after it was pointed out by a friend, that is was very Relevant, not to mention Interesting...
Havin' Buck for Breakfast...
by Tristan Taormino September 1st, 2005 6:18 PM
LOS ANGELES -- ... [more]

10 questions with ... Adam Shanahan, aka Raquel Blake

10 questions with ... Adam Shanahan, aka Raquel Blake (Sep 19, 2005)

LOWELL -- During the day Adam Shanahan is a popular Dracut hairdresser. On weekend nights, he's Raquel Blake.

With a wig up to there, fake lashes out to here and a form-fitting cocktail dress, Blake is a nightclub chanteuse. After winning the title of Miss Gay Massachusetts this year,... [more]

Katastrophe: Hip Hop Against the Grain

Katastrophe: Hip Hop Against the Grain (Nov 23, 2004)

If you have not heard Katastrophe's name yet, you will. With an LP in the works and a European tour under his belt, this 25-year-old FTM (Female to Male) emo-hop (that's hip hop with emotion) artist is on the verge of making it big. Or, that's the word on the streets.

Katastrophe, als... [more]

Hans in Transition: Paintings by Hans Scheirl

Hans in Transition: Paintings by Hans Scheirl (Sep 11, 2004)

"No, it is not just the name 'Tansition Gallery' that made me change my mind about what i want to do in my first solo show here. But yes, the name triggered something. The term 'transition' is used in the transsexual and transgender community for the stretch of time it takes a person to change into ... [more]

Best Girl Band

Best Girl Band (Jul 29, 2004) - Best Girl Band

Judging from their Web site design theme and the title of their debut album, Don't Tell a Soul, San Francisco's Lipstick Conspiracy are going for something of an incognito vibe. But we've had our eyes on them for a while now, and we think it's about t... [more]

Golf and  Mianne Bagger

Golf and Mianne Bagger (Jul 4, 2004)

ATTENTION in women's golf may be on the US Open Championship which reaches a conclusion in Massachusetts tonight, but in the weeks ahead Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie will be sharing the headlines with a little-known Danish professional called Mianne Bagger.

The bubbly and articul... [more]

Transgender lesbian activist

Transgender lesbian activist (Jun 28, 2004)

The lesbian, gay, bi and trans movement of Italy showed the spectacular breadth and depth of the colors of its rainbo flag as it hosted transgender lesbian activist and author Leslie Feinberg from June 2-6 in a week of special events Workers World Managing Editor Feinberg spoke at local meetings i... [more]

'Matrix' co-creator ready to be whole new woman

'Matrix' co-creator ready to be whole new woman (May 13, 2004)

Sounds as though Larry Wachowski -- one half of the Chicago-born, super-successful brother team (along with Andy Wachowski) that created the "Matrix'' films -- is about to make a life-altering move.

According to those close to the extremely reclusive duo, Larry is about to finally bec... [more]

Throwing a curveball

Throwing a curveball (Apr 17, 2004)

FOR MORE THAN A decade, Chris Kahrl has turned a love of baseball into a successful career in sports publishing, working with a long-standing team of authors to write, edit, and publish the annual Baseball Prospectus.

The definitive guide, feverishly updated each winter and published ... [more]

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