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1,138 Reasons Marriage Is Cool

1,138 Reasons Marriage Is Cool

Mar 14, 2004

Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 879 makes it illegal to threaten certain individuals guarded by the Secret Service, including the President, the Vice President and their families. At first blush, you wouldn't think the statute has anything to do with the war over gay marriage. But consider this: that law makes it a federal crime to threaten the husband of Elizabeth Cheney, one of the Vice President's daughters. But it does not outlaw threats against the lesbian partner of Mary Cheney, his younger daughter. Legally speaking, Mary's partner is not a member of the Vice President's fam... [more]

First same-sex marriage licenses issued in Oregon

First same-sex marriage licenses issued in Oregon

Mar 3, 2004

PORTLAND - Multnomah County issued the state's first marriage licenses to same-sex couples today after county officials determined the state constitution required them to do so.

An ebullient Mary Li, a Multnomah County employee, held up the very first certificate - showing her and her partner's name under the Oregon seal.

"I can't describe how great it feels," Li said.

More than 50 same-sex couples lined up at a county office building here on Wednesday to get marriage licenses.

N.Y. Town's Mayor Charged in Gay Weddings

N.Y. Town's Mayor Charged in Gay Weddings

Mar 2, 2004

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. (AP) - The village's mayor was charged Tuesday with 19 criminal counts for performing marriage ceremonies for gay couples.

Jason West was charged with solemnizing marriages for couples who had no licenses, a misdemeanor under the domestic relations law, according to Ulster County District Attorney Donald Williams.

Although West could face a maximum penalty of a year in jail, the prosecutor said a jail term wasn't being contemplated at this point.

Freedom To Marry Moving Forward For Gay Couples

Freedom To Marry Moving Forward For Gay Couples

Feb 25, 2004

Mayor Brian U. Stratton said Tuesday he is willing to marry homosexual couples "if the law allows," jumping into a national debate on the same day that President Bush endorsed a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex nuptials.

"Until someone tells me otherwise, I think I've got the legal authority to do it," Stratton said in an interview with the Times Union. "I have no objection to marrying anyone who can legally get married."

Mass. High Court Rules on Gay Marriage

Mass. High Court Rules on Gay Marriage (Feb 4, 2004)

AP) - The Massachusetts high court ruled Wednesday that only full, equal marriage rights for gay couples - rather than civil unions - are constitutional, clearing the way for the nation's first same-sex marriages in the state as early as May. "The history of our nation has demonstrated that separate... [more]

Suit Against Transphobic Landlord Moves Forward (Oct 1, 2003)

A judge has freed the way for the Hispanic AIDS Forum, New York's largest Latino AIDS service provider, to proceed to trial in a case against its former landlord for transgender discrimination.

HAF, represented by the ACLU, brought suit against its former landlord for illegal... [more]

City adds protection for transgender citizens (Aug 1, 2003) - Travis D. Bone

San Diego’s transgender community had plenty to celebrate over Pride weekend, secure in the knowledge that on Monday, Jan. 28, the city council would cast a second and final vote to approve the addition of protections based on gender identity to th... [more]

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