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Remembering the first PrideFest

Remembering the first PrideFest

Sep 28, 2006 - Jim Baxter

Was it a march or parade? Would the mayor be recalled?

This year's PrideFest promises to be a mix of fun, parades, information and celebration. But it hasn't always been that way.

The first PrideFest was in Durham in 1986. But it had a forerunner five years earlier.

"The '81 march, 'Our Day Out' in downtown Durham, is the one that I identify as the first gay pride march in North Carolina," recalls Sherri Rosenthal. "There were police protecting us, and almost no one as spectators except for some folks who wer... [more]

Greensboros untold story: The gay scare of 1957

Greensboros untold story: The gay scare of 1957

Sep 17, 2006 - By Lorraine Ahearn - Staff Writer

On Feb. 4, 1957, a Guilford County grand jury emerged from its closed session and issued a bundle of indictments of a scope unlike any before or since - against 32 men accused of being homosexual.

After witnesses named the men during police interrogations, the suspects were tried one by one in a Greensboro courtroom for crimes against nature, almost exclusively with consenting adults.

The now-obscure episode, which some longtime residents came to call "the purge," was the largest attempted roundup of ... [more]

Wichitas first female impersonator

Wichitas first female impersonator

Sep 15, 2006 - Beccy Tanner

When Johnnie Redding got ready for work, he didn't wear a suit. Instead, Wichita's first female impersonator stepped into a dress to entertain the wild and unruly.

"He had a voice like a nightingale or thrush," said early-day journalist David Leahy. "Not only was he a great singer for his time, but he was a comedian of rare parts, a tragedian who could lift the roof off the stoutest barn... a clog dancer of memorable merit."

Redding came to Wichita in the 1870s. His theater was on the property that is now the northwest corner of the Schweiter building.

Stonewall: Gays Come Out Into History

Stonewall: Gays Come Out Into History

Jun 27, 2006

When the police raided New York City’s largest gay bar 37 years ago today, on June 27, 1969, they weren’t expecting any resistance. They had raided the Stonewall Inn countless times before, and usually the patrons, fearing that arrest would make their sexuality known, would submissively file out. But tonight was different—and what happened sparked a revolution.

There was an “electricity going through the people,” one witness said. Patrons fought back, and for four days Greenwich Village was alive with protesters clashing with the police and cr... [more]

San Francisco -  Pride parade salute for an unlikely ally

San Francisco - Pride parade salute for an unlikely ally (Jun 24, 2006)

SFGate - Wyatt Buchanan - Chronicle Staff Writer

Police officer who reached out in 1960s to be grand marshal

Elliot Blackstone is congratulated by S.F. Police Chief H... Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence members (in background) t... SF Pride Event Guide. Chronicle Graphi... [more]

In Honor of the Comptons Riot: Remembering Phillys Screaming Queens

In Honor of the Comptons Riot: Remembering Phillys Screaming Queens (Jun 23, 2006) - Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Yesterday, the city of San Francisco rightly honored the 40th anniversary of the Compton Riot by dedicating a plaque in the cement in front of the spot where it occurred. Compton's Cafeteria at Turk and Taylor in the Tenderloin was a popular hang... [more]

Transgender Civil Rights Movement Commemorates 40 Years of Activism

Transgender Civil Rights Movement Commemorates 40 Years of Activism (Jun 8, 2006) - David Perry

A plaque commemorating the first known instance of transgender resistance to police harassment in the U.S. will be installed on June 22nd at the corner of Turk and Taylor Streets in San Francisco. A brief ceremony will begin at Noon at Oshun Center, 101 Taylo... [more]

The original transvestite

The original transvestite (Apr 19, 2006)

The Belfast Telegraph - Ian Herbert

She came as a ‘lady’ to the Russian Imperial court, betrayed a French king and was the talk of every coffee house in 18th-century England. But it wasn’t until she died that the greatest scandal of Chevalier d’Eon’s life was revealed.

... [more]

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