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Trans Hookers Get A Leg Up

Trans Hookers Get A Leg Up

May 11, 2007

Suggestions For The Strapped Street Walker

If you think it's hard out there for a pimp, consider the harsh reality of being a tranny hooker. Not only do you have to scour the streets for a turned-on John, but then you have to explain your penis. Regrettably, not so many people are down with a so-called chick-with-a-dick and trans folk face more violent crime than their biologically gendered counterparts.

As such, many trans working girls choose to place ads in weekly rags - at least then they know their clients won't be some crazed lunat... [more]

Transexual Frogs

Transexual Frogs

Mar 8, 2007 - jodi41086's blog

A popular weed killer makes some frogs grow the wrong sex organs. Your drinking water may have 30 times the dose they're getting

I also read this article for English and its very interesting. Poor Frogs right! Well poor us also, the drinking water with all the chemicals may lead to health problems if the problem is not looked into. Protecting our enviroment helps to protect us as well. Let me know what you think about this article!

The controversy began five years ago, when a company called Syngenta asked Hayes to... [more]

Control Tower & Kink Calendar

Control Tower & Kink Calendar

Mar 7, 2007 - By Mistress Matisse

Games People Play

Ring ring!

Caller: Hello, Mistress? Do you do forced feminization?

This is one of those calls where I have to make a choice: I can just say no and end the call, or I can try drawing this man out and see if he and I can find some mutual ground. But he's off to a bad start, because I actually dislike both the term "forced feminization" and many of its implications.

Forced feminization, if you don't know, is an erotic humiliation game where a male submissive is "force... [more]

Harvard to Name First Gay Female Impersonator President

Harvard to Name First Gay Female Impersonator President

Feb 23, 2007 - By Phil Maggitti

Cambridge, Mass. - Harvard is expected to name its first gay female impersonator president today in an historic outreach that has called "a three bagger for diversity." Harvard, the nation’s oldest university, has never had a female, much less a gay female impersonator, president in its 371-year history.

The appointment of Drew Gilpin Faust will plug not only the female gap but also the cross-dresser and homosexual gaps in Harvard's presidential resume.

A source close to the university admitted, however, that... [more]

100 things we didn't know last year

100 things we didn't know last year (Dec 28, 2006)

Each week, the Magazine chronicles interesting and sometimes downright unexpected facts from the news, through its strand 10 things we didn't know last week. Here, to round off the year, are some of the best from the past 12 months.

1. Pele has always hated hi... [more]

Now its the hummersexual

Now its the hummersexual (Oct 19, 2006) - Mark Simpson

There’s a war going on in the United States. A war on metros. After years of living under the cruel designer heel of those triumphant metrosexuals, poor old retrosexuals -- alias “regular guys’’ -- are fighting back. Old-time, unself-conscious, un-moisturised m... [more]

First Annual Canine Film Festival Helps PAWS

First Annual Canine Film Festival Helps PAWS (Oct 14, 2006) - By Sister Dana Van Iquity

A Benefit for PAWS

In possibly the most dog-friendly city in the country, the First Annual Canine Film Festival came to the Castro Theatre for the weekend of October 7-8. It was the first major dog film festival in the United S... [more]

Former tv presenter guilty of harassment

Former tv presenter guilty of harassment (Oct 6, 2006)

A former TV presenter was today (Fri) found guilty of a long-term campaign of harrassment against Crystal Palace boss Simon Jordan after their brief fling ended.

Tara Stout, 35, bombarded the multi-millionnaire businessman with an "avalanche" of sexually expli... [more]

Join the Mile High Club Now...

Join the Mile High Club Now... (Sep 26, 2006)

Make your fantasy a reality with Mile High Atlanta. We are located at West Georgia Regional Airport near Carrollton, GA. just a short drive from the Metro Atlanta area in rural Georgia. We will take you up to over 5,280 feet above the earth's surface so you have ... [more]

Geraldine - YouTube Video

Geraldine - YouTube Video (Sep 5, 2006) - Xipri

Thanks to Stephe for pointing out this YouTube Video.

One morning Gerald awoke transformed into a woman.

This Video is about 9 minutes long, but worth the viewing... quite creative... great entertainment:)


Masturbate-a-thon raises sexual health awareness

Masturbate-a-thon raises sexual health awareness (Aug 24, 2006)

London (AP) - Drag queens, porn stars and regular Joes marched into a central London studio in early August, armed with sex toys, money and a freedom from shame. Their mission: to masturbate.

Usually a furtive act reserved for moments of solitude, ... [more]

Crystal Meth And Dating: Warning Signs

Crystal Meth And Dating: Warning Signs (Aug 17, 2006) - Filed by Frank

Apparently it's hard to find a good man these days who isn't hooked on crystal, or at least that's the word on certain gay streets. We've never actually dated anyone on crystal before, but in some circles, it's so prevalent you might have to resort to a li... [more]

Taxicab Confessions

Taxicab Confessions (Aug 3, 2006) - Maxi Shield

This week’s topic is something a lot of us showgirls have to deal with all the time, and for those who live in the inner city it is usually once or twice a day.

As someone who has caught a taxi to and from work for the last 10 years, the stories... [more]

Love lifted my skirt

Love lifted my skirt (Jun 29, 2006)

"DEAR DIARY: Well, after my nagging wife, my dodo sister-in-law, and Pastor Verner Blitzkrieg subjected me to an intervention last month, I finally got up nerve to attend my first Cross Dressers Anonymous for Jesus meeting.

"There were twelve of us sitti... [more]

Bosom Buddies Named Gayest Song Ever

Bosom Buddies Named Gayest Song Ever (Jun 21, 2006) - Sirius OutQ

Frank DeCaro of Sirius Satellite Radio kicks off NYC Gay Pride Weekend 2006 with a special countdown of The Top Ten Gayest Songs Ever on Friday, June 23, 12 p.m. ET on The Frank DeCaro Show on SIRIUS OutQ, America’s first and only 24/7 national GLBT ... [more]

From principal to drag queen

From principal to drag queen (Jun 21, 2006) - Kristin Hunter

You might ask yourself: What does a principal do over the summer? Well...LHS Principal Paul Puletti is spending his summer standing on the street corner as a drag queen thanks to his youngest daughter, Sandi, who volunteered him for a WINK 96.9 contest for... [more]

Naked swimmer convicted of offensive behaviour

Naked swimmer convicted of offensive behaviour (May 18, 2006)

A Hokitika transexual was found guilty of offensive behaviour following a naked swim in the sea.

In Greymouth District Court, Judge John Strettell convicted Flow In (crct), 32, ordering her to come up for sentence if called within six months.

... [more]

A Couple of Guys:

A Couple of Guys: (Feb 14, 2006)

A friend sent me this link. I suspect alot of people will enjoy this... it put a smile on my face:)

We don't really have a category that this fits in, hence National & International News...

Gay Penguin and the Issues

Gay Penguin and the Issues (Mar 12, 2004)

President George W. Bush's policies have resulted in the loss of almost 2.3 million jobs since he took office. Gay Penguin would not have implemented these policies.

President George W Bush rushed into war at the expense of real information, and without gathering together the appropr... [more]

They're in love. They're gay. They're penguins

They're in love. They're gay. They're penguins (Mar 12, 2004)

Wendell and Cass, two penguins at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, Brooklyn, live in a soap opera world of seduction and intrigue. Among the 22 male and 10 female African black-footed penguins in the aquarium's exhibit, tales of love, lust and betrayal are the norm. These birds mate for life. ... [more]

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