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Transsexual Miriam rejected by reality show winner

Transsexual Miriam rejected by reality show winner

Mar 28, 2004

The pre-op transsexual wooed by six unsuspecting men in a controversial reality dating show is rejected by the winner in the final show tonight.

There's Something About Miriam, broadcast on Sky One, showed six men competing for the affections of Miriam, who they thought was a women.

But the Mexican 22-year-old was born a man and, when her secret was revealed, she was called untrustworthy and deceitful by the winner, lifeguard Tom.

He initially agreed to go on the cruise, despite being mocked by the other contestants.

But he later ch... [more]

Transvestites rescue Thai movies

Transvestites rescue Thai movies

Mar 23, 2004

A number of films featuring transvestites and transsexuals as the central characters have been pulling crowds in to Thai cinemas - and are now looking to do so around the world.

Two such films have just been premiered in Berlin, Beautiful Boxer and The Adventures Of Iron Pussy.

Beautiful Boxer is the true story of Nong Toom, a Thai kickboxer seeking a sex-change operation. The film has the tagline "He fights like a man - so he can become a woman," and has been selected for the Panorama Section of the Berlin Film Festival.

Lipstick Conspiracy

Lipstick Conspiracy

Feb 22, 2004

Hi everyone. We thought we'd give the spotlight to an up and coming All T-Girl Band out of San Francisco, California. I've listened to a few of their tunes off their single Lipstick Conspiracy and their music is melodic, tight and mesmerizing. I love this band and I think you will too! If you're in the San Francisco Area or if they play in your area, get out there and show them your support and be rewarded with some Incredible Music. They have a really nicely done website, Lipstick Conspiracy, that is definitely worth a visit for some Bio info, Photos, Performance Dates, some of their Tunes an... [more]

These Comics Aren't for Kids!

These Comics Aren't for Kids!

Feb 4, 2004

Do you remember when you were a kid, reading comic books packed with action, and Amazon Goddesses squeezed into skimpy outfits? Maybe you wanted to meet a girl like that. Maybe you wanted to BE a girl like that. Either way, you were just entranced. If ONLY the artist would leave a little LESS to the imagination.

Fast Forward to the present:

A few months ago, we stumbled upon a fledgling web site with only one goal. To provide the highest quality original transgender illustrated stories available, and without a doubt, Lustomic is on the right path!

W... [more]


Lips NYC - Transgender Tourism and the Rise of the Bachelorette Party (Aug 11, 2003)

Scarlett and I recently went to New York City and had the pleasure of attending some of the local Drag Bars. While we were there though, I made a rather disconcerting realization.

Drag Bars attract tourists.

Now I don't mean your average run of the mill tourist, but peo... [more]

Jacques Article... Boston Weekly Dig (Mar 24, 2003)

Reprinted with permission (see end of article)...

Jacque's, the oldest drag bar in the country, a David Lynch-ian velvet dream come true, opened during the Depression years and by the 1960s became the pounding heart of Boston's gay nightlife. Located in Bay Village, a six-square block... [more]

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