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Jane Vargas, Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, writes that "we don't choose our sexuality; it chooses us." With this openness in attitude toward the infinite variations of (consensual) sexual expression, we at URNotAlone invited this Sex Doc to dispense a bit of womanly advice in an open and lively dialogue with our members. Every couple of weeks, you'll see a new Q&A or provocative rumination on the passions and longings of our CD/TV/TS Community, along with Jane's response, informed by her knowledge, experience, and womanly wiles. To "Ask Jane," you can leave a comment on any of her Q&A's or Articles. You can also e-mail her at on any sexually related topic of interest and concern to Our Community with respect to Relationships, Secrets, Family, Social Dilemmas, Identity and Self-Concept, Tips on Makeup and Girly Behavior, and anything else related that interests you. (Please note that this forum is not a substitute for serious therapy but rather a place to receive an entertaining, informed response from a woman who celebrates all manner of creative sexuality.)

Jane Vargas Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, writes "Dear Jane: Advice for Boys Who Need It Bad," for Leg Show magazine. She's been featured on HBO Real Sex, interviewed in National Magazines, has presented research on Lingerie Fetishism to a Professional Society of Sexologists, and is owner of a Xtraordinary Talk!, a business that creates and sells video and audio Fantasy Material for Panty and Lingerie Lovers, Crossdressers, and all men who are perhaps "strong by day but who need a strong woman at night". Jane is married, has two daughters, and lives in San Francisco.

We're very Excited to have Jane partner with us with her "Ask Jane" Column! Don't be shy, leave comments or questions for Jane and don't forget to feel free to contact her via her eMail at and make sure to pay her a visit at her site, Xtraordinary Talk!

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Ask Jane, Column 4

Ask Jane, Column 4

Aug 27, 2006

Ask Jane: Who's He Gonna Love?

Hi, Jane,

I'm a 36 year-old straight male and an admirer of TGs since I was in college. I find them to be fun, exciting, sexy and extremely erotic. I have not had a long-term relationship with a TG, but my sexual encounters have been with the same TG women over extended periods. I have picked them up in their apartments and taken them out on dates, brought flowers, etc. I have treated them like ladies, not playthings. I have had deep passionate kisses with them and have maintained contact.

I am not ready to reveal t... [more]

Ask Jane, Column 3

Ask Jane, Column 3

Aug 15, 2006

A Tranny Asks Jane, "Am I Gay?"

Dear Jane,

I think I'm having an "Ask Jane" moment, with my question being, "Am i gay?" I am an attractive, longtime tranny in London (you and I met a couple of years ago at a club here, do you remember?). I have been married, have children, and would love to marry again; finding a woman who's into my trannying is unfortunately a problem, as you know.

In my tranny life, I have dabbled with the odd guy - no sex yet - but it's nice, as I'm sure you know, being treated like a lady. For example, "David" is supposed to... [more]

Ask Jane, Column 2

Ask Jane, Column 2

Aug 10, 2006

Ask Jane: Telling the Kids About Robyn

Hi Jane, welcome. I am looking forward to your column. Here is a question that is hotly debated in my household. I have been a CD for years. I enjoy my time as Robyn, but only my wife knows about Robyn. My daughter is 16, very understanding and a great girl. I think she and Robyn could be good friends. The hotly debated question is when is the time right to tell her that her Macho Dad also has a softer side? Thanks for your thoughts.


Dear Robyn,

What makes you think she doesn't know alre... [more]

Ask Jane, Column 1

Ask Jane, Column 1

Aug 5, 2006

Hi Jane,

The other day I put on my black polka dot string bikini panties and went to the supermarket to do a little shopping. When I was done, I was putting my groceries in the trunk of my car and obviously bending over a little to put them in. A lady was waiting for the person parked beside me to leave and then pulled in beside me. I got in my car and was getting ready to leave when I noticed her window go down. She then told me I should be careful bending over too far because she could see my polka dot panties.

Boy, was I shocked! I guess I was a little embarra... [more]

Welcome Jane!

Welcome Jane! (Aug 3, 2005)

Starting this Month, URNA is pleased to announce a New Feature on the Site... Ask Jane! We're very Excited to have Jane partner with us with her "Ask Jane" Column! Jane's First Column is Now Online!

Jane Vargas, Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, writes that "we don't choose our sexuality; it ... [more]

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