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Help URNA by making a donation

Help URNA by making a donation

Apr 30, 2017

For the most part, we bring in enough money to run urnotalone on a daily basis, but not every month. In the past, we have tried fundraising to help pay for updating the site with mixed success. I personally dislike being bombarded with fundraising requests. So for now, this will be our only fundraising effort.

Recently, I stopped work on the site update for several reasons with a main reason money. Once we have built up a reserve, we will restart work again.

URNA means a lot to many of you. If you can find a way to help,

The following link will le... [more]

URNA Fundraiser

URNA Fundraiser

Nov 24, 2015

Hi there, from your “Team URNA” Staff!
Please, take 5 minutes of your time, read all of the following:
As most know, URNotAlone was purchased from the original owners earlier this year. There were several reasons that Jon wanted to sell the site after 20 years. One reason is that the underlying code is becoming outdated, and the revenues from the site were not supporting the cost to keep it running.
Once the sale took place it became obvious that the site and chat client needed to be updated. As many of you will recall Dan, tried to do this about a year ago, ... [more]


Photo Requirements

Aug 4, 2015

URNotAlone has strict but reasonable photo requirements compared to other sites on the Internet. For a Silver Level Profile you must meet these requirements. Bronze Level Profiles have a much more limited set of features that they can use on URNA. We don't expect that everyone will feel comfortable posting a photo that meets our requirements, but it is the only way to get a "Fully Approved, Silver Level Profile" here. You will be listed as a Bronze Level Member if you don't meet them, but a Fully Approved Silver Level profile unlocks additional features on the site.


Secondary Photo Changes

Secondary Photo Changes

Jun 18, 2005

Due to changes that the Justice Department is making to USC Title 18, Section 2257, we are changing a number of our processes here at URNotAlone.

First and foremost is that we will now need to implement an approval process for Secondary Photos. We will no longer allow you to post Adult photos. We also need to ensure that the photos do not violate copyright laws before we can allow them to be visible.

In the next 48 hours, we will be deleting ALL secondary thumbnails and photos. Our new system is already in place, so any secondary photos that you submit will wait f... [more]

Remote Friends Lists

Remote Friends Lists (Dec 17, 2004)

You are active on URNotAlone, but you have your own website too. A labor of love more often than not. You probably already link to URNA, but wouldn't it be cool if people could see just how active you really are? Maybe if you could just list your URNotAlone friends on your homepage. That's a lot of ... [more]

New Membership Options!

New Membership Options! (Nov 24, 2004)

We've had many requests from people who'd love to help support URNA but who really don't have any interest in or desire to subscribe to our Adult Content. For those of you who fit into this category, we've just added a new, very inexpensive option that, not only will enable you to help support URNA ... [more]

Global Distance Sorting is Here!

Global Distance Sorting is Here! (Aug 24, 2004)

We are very pleased to announce that the distance sorting utilities that members in the United States have enjoyed for so long (and more recently our Canadian members) are now available for everyone! We've had to change some of our code, as well as add a ton more data, but now when you set your loca... [more]

We've Redesigned Galleries!

We've Redesigned Galleries! (Aug 1, 2004)

We are very pleased to announce that our Gallery Section is now "New and Improved"! Some of you have noticed minor changes, enhancements and even a slight bump in speed over the last few weeks, but now our primary interface for finding photo galleries is vastly improved!

All of your f... [more]

Updated Postal Codes, Now with Canada!

Updated Postal Codes, Now with Canada! (Jul 30, 2004)

We are pleased to announce that we have completely updated our Postal Code database to increase the accuracy of your online searching and matching! Current Members in the United States will notice its far more accurate than it was!

This new data also includes telephone Area Codes! Not... [more]

Hot Lists & Friend Lists are HERE!

Hot Lists & Friend Lists are HERE! (Jul 21, 2004)

One of the most asked for features on URNA has been the addition of Hot Lists and Friend Lists. Well, the wait is over. Registered Members will notice two new tabs in the Account section that will allow them to manage their lists. In addition, Registered Members will now notice two new links below p... [more]

Online Pending Profiles

Online Pending Profiles (May 19, 2004)

After a great deal of discussion, and a few heated arguments, URNotAlone has decided to make pending profiles available on our site. These are members who have completed ALL of the required information, but have not yet uploaded a photo that meets our requirements.

This was a really h... [more]

Our New Forums

Our New Forums (Mar 20, 2004)

URNotAlone is proud to announce a new addition to our site. URNA now provides forums where registered members can post and reply to questions. Reading our forums if open to the public, but you MUST have a Registered Account (Photo and Profile Online) in order to post or reply.

Forums ... [more]

Our Past Polls (Jan 1, 2004)

One of the things that makes URNA stand out from so many other sites, is that we are constantly working to improve your experience here. URNA exists in it's present form, because we respond to your needs and request.

Here are the results from past polls taken on the site. We plan to ... [more]

It's Almost Christmas

It's Almost Christmas (Dec 3, 2003)

Some of you may have noticed the minor changes that are occurring around URNA. For instance, we recently added a "Status Bar" to every page of the site that shows you instantly how many people are online, how many people are chatting, and gives you a simple, easy place to logon and off of your profi... [more]

Our New Event Calendar

Our New Event Calendar (Sep 11, 2003)

URNA is proud to announce our new Event Calendar! Now you can find the most current events, happening right in your own back yard!

Our Event list is also tied directly into our massive Places database Not only can you associate events with Locations, but soon, you will be able to add ... [more]

Our New Photo Upload Page (Aug 28, 2003)

Now that things have settled down from our move, we have been able to spend some time fixing bugs and making some much need improvements to the site.

Our latest Update is the Photo Upload page. In an effort to make it easier to manage your Profile photo, we have made the following cha... [more]

Our New Resource Section (Aug 12, 2003)

URNA is please to announce it's brand new "Resource" section. A great place to find other Transgendered resources on the internet.

What makes ours special? Our resource section is actually a direct feed from the Open Directory Project (dmoz), the root source of most major link direct... [more]

Bigger Galleries (Sep 28, 2002)

Now URNotAlone Galleries can hold more photos! That's right, we've increased the number of photos you can host with us from 12 to 20, all at no extra charge! Additionally, we've raised the size limit from 400 pixels to 500 pixels.

Our Galleries have gotten such positive feedback and h... [more]

New Top Level Category - PERFORMERS! (Sep 4, 2002)

We've added a "Performers" Section to our People section to help make finding members in the various groups a little easier. We plan to actually begin providing an events database that will allow specific events to be associated with existing entries in our Places database as well as with registered... [more]

New Top Level Category - MODELS! (Aug 5, 2002)

Once again, we've added another category to help make finding what you are looking for a LOT easier. Introducing our "Models" Section! By adding this new category, we can keep the personal profiles seperate from members who want to advertise their sites!

For our Models, we allow you ... [more]

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