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Places (Bar Listings & More)

Aug 2, 2002

Have you visited the Places Section lately? It's growing with Listings & Reviews of Transgendered Friendly Bars around the Country and the World. If you have a favorite Watering Hole that's friendly to the Transgendered Community, please... Submit a Listing & a Review. Alot of us travel quite a bit and a Resource like this can really help to find a place to unwind when in a strange city or country during our travels... and please, if you do Submit a Listing or a Review, make sure to keep it updated over time...


Girls Listing by AGE!

Jul 15, 2002

We've added the ability to view the Girls profiles by age. You can now simply enter the "Full Listings" Section and then find the age group you are looking for on the left menu.


New Top Level Category - Escorts

Jun 1, 2002

In an effort to make it easier to find precisely what you are looking for, we've added a new top level user type to URNotAlone. Registered and new members can now have profiles that appear in the "Escorts" section.

Note: URNotAlone does not condone or support prostitution. We hope that people offering escort services are not breaking laws in their locality. The primary rationale behind this modifcation is that we noticed members advertising escort services and wanted to seperate them from members with more traditional personal ad style profiles.


New Feature - My Banner

May 15, 2002

Our members can now add their very own banners to their profile pages an Adult Galleries. If you have a website link in your profile, all you need to do is upload a JPEG banner, and your banner will appear at the next update! For more information, logon to your account and learn more on the "My Banner" page of the "Account" Section


Simplified Profile Linking! (Apr 10, 2002)

It's now a LOT easier to link to your profile. Just point to:
That's all there is to it. For instance, the link to Vicky's profile is:
Check your main account page for the actual text of the your link.

New Top Level Category - Groups (Mar 20, 2002)

When you create an account at URNotAlone, you can now register as a Group! That's right, If your local organization would like a profile listing here at URNotAlone, just create an account, and where you normally specify "Girl" or "Admirer", simply select "Group". Groups will soon appear as an option... [more]

eMail Masking is Here! (Nov 30, 1999)

URNotAlone has taken a new step to keep your experience as a registered user here safe and fun. We no longer directly publish your eMail address to our pages, but instead provide a mail forwarding service.

Now, the only people that will have your eMail address are the people you respo... [more]

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