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Dr Sony a.k.a the devil a.k.a evil himself! Doctor Sony Or Doctor Ramirez

Dr Sony a.k.a the devil a.k.a evil himself! Doctor Sony Or Doctor Ramirez

Nov 21, 2004

Thinking about a sex change or gender reassignment? Doctor Ramirez or Doctor Sony as he is sometimes known, is the worst.

I arrived at the Sony clinic on the 15/ 08/ 04 to undergone gender reassignment surgery. My initial feelings were that the procedure would be successful. Unfortunately I soon began to see things that made me feel uncomfortable. One of the clinic nurses placed myself and a friend in a room with only one bed. The clinic had promised to accommodate my friend during my stay there, to help overcome any language problems. We were provided with a single bed and a ve... [more]

Congratulations Alex T'Girl!

Congratulations Alex T'Girl!

Nov 5, 2004

Alex T’Girl – Miss TV Scotland 2004.

It will soon be approximately two years from that horrendous day my wife found out about my girly side, and what a roller coaster ride in life I’ve had in such a short space of time.

Without going into detail, my wife and I have managed to ride through the storms, and things have become much better within our household of late. I first stepped out into the big world in my feminine form back in September 2003 in Manchester with like minded T’Girl friends, and I’ve never looked back since. Planned girly weekends away to Glasgow, ... [more]


Deleted Website... Lost Photos... Please Help!

Oct 10, 2004

This is a letter I have to swallow my pride a little in order to be able to write. About a year ago, I suffered a little purge .... tossed a few items and ignored my website for a while. I guess I never really recovered from it .... this summer just ending I had a severe purge ....deleted my entire wardrobe (my closet did need a little cleaning out, but not everything!) along with my website. I must have really been feeling guilty about something:) There are some items of clothing and accessories that I would like to have back, but clothes can be replaced. What I really miss are all of the pho... [more]

Sex reassignment surgery: quick fix or bane?

Sex reassignment surgery: quick fix or bane?

Jun 20, 2004

They are jeered at and given all sorts of labels from freak to pervert. They are called liars and cheats, and get beaten up for allegedly deceiving people about their biologic gender. A few of them even get killed.

They are the transsexuals who have undergone invasive procedures to have their genitalia changed, grow breasts by hormones or additional surgery, remove their Adam's apples, and literally reconfigure themselves by radical sex reassignment surgery or SRS to look like a woman.

S.D. Lawmaker Plans to Undergo Sex Change

S.D. Lawmaker Plans to Undergo Sex Change (May 2, 2004)

After getting involved in a fight in the Legislature over a bill to ban civil unions, Tom Murphy decided to reveal a secret he had kept for four decades, through school, an Air Force career and then as a member of the City Council: He feels more like a woman than a man. In fact, he plans to undergo ... [more]

Pick a Gender, Any Gender

Pick a Gender, Any Gender (Apr 3, 2004)

While the rest of the country was debating the whys and wherefores of gay marriage, my writers listserv got caught up in a thread about the semantics of the subject. For example, many of the writers suggested that in our coverage of San Francisco's gay marriage ceremonies, we were to use the phrase ... [more]

On Campus, Rethinking Biology 101

On Campus, Rethinking Biology 101 (Mar 8, 2004)

Arriving in Providence last fall to begin his senior year at Brown University, Luke Woodward didn't have to tell friends what he had done on his summer vacation.

They could tell with one glance. Before the summer Luke had had the body of a woman. Now Luke's breasts were gone, leaving ... [more]

Stupid Spammers

Stupid Spammers (Feb 22, 2004)

About 22 of you were contacted by Laura Murphy, a self-proclaimed "Transgendered Travel Agent". Sadly, she's spammed our members before but we always catch her.

She's offering great "deals" on attending Dressed to Thrill 7 in Las Vegas this May, but don't get sucked in. Her "deals" ar... [more]

Small Minds, Big Internet (Aug 13, 2003)

Did you know that Jon, Dan and Scarlett are all the same person? I'll bet you didn't. I bet you thought URNA was a Transgendered community site. Well it's not. It's porn all the way baby!

All of this and more according to a person on UseNet who goes by the name Diane Arons.

AI: Allenina Intelligence (May 10, 2003)

AI: Allenina Intelligence
A Super-Tranny Lasts All Summer Long
written in August 2001

The past is now! The future is here! What's nature? What's culture? What's real? We are natural components merged with cultural artifacts. Haven't we always been hybrids? This is the e... [more]

In support of karencameronuk (Jan 1, 2003)

Having read Christiboy's original article and both Karen's responses, I have to agree with Karen that it is Christiboy who is confused.

Christiboy's take on the matter mirrors that of many in that it seeks to resolve/categorise/pigeon-hole everyone into stereotypical roles. Gay, stra... [more]

Some Responses to My Response (Dec 29, 2002)

I have found some of the responses to my note commenting upon a recent item here from "christyboy" quite strange. Because they wrote to my own email, I thought I might share their thoughts with you here. One correspondent wrote to me and quoted definitions of sex and gender, and suggested that I was... [more]

Sharing the Closet: Coming Out to Your Wife or Girlfriend (Dec 25, 2002)

I get a lot of emails from T-Girls who are either married or have GG girlfriends. It always break my heart to hear them tell me how they feel compelled to keep their little "secret" from their partners. I remember those days myself...the fear of being "discovered"...the guilt one feels for not bei... [more]

I read the small article by christiboy (Dec 25, 2002)

I read the small article by christiboy with a growing sense of anger and disappointment. This is simply more of the old silly male macho arrogant bullshit that all gay and transgendered people have to suffer all over the world; that the author claims to be gay makes this all the more idiotic. While ... [more]

What is it with straight TS admirers? (Dec 23, 2002)

What is it with "straight" TS admirers?

Maybe it's just me, but because I personally am a gay crossdresser, it bothers me when the guy I'm chatting with identifies himself as straight. Assuming they are on TS chat because they like the "extra" unit on a lady, why the denial? TS, unle... [more]

Conflicted (Aug 2, 2002)

Conflicted? You're Not Alone!

By "losangelesadmirer"

Over the past ten years, I have had many conversations, in motel rooms,
bars, and chatrooms, with TV's, TS's, and my fellow admirers, about the
phenomenon most often referred to as the "I'm not ... [more]

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