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Transsexual is 'hate victim'

Transsexual is 'hate victim'

Sep 21, 2004

A TRANSSEXUAL tourist was abused in the city centre in what police have described as a hate crime.

The victim, from the Isle of Man, was walking past the White Hart pub, Worthgate Place, with her partner a little before 5pm on Wednesday, August 18, when three men began verbally abusing her. One is alleged to have tried to steal her handbag.

Better Things To Ban

Better Things To Ban

Aug 21, 2004

Our alert level is orange. Jobs are moving overseas. Soldiers are dying in Iraq. So what was weighing on Missouri voters' minds when they went to the polls in that state's democratic primaries? You guessed it - the horrifying possibility of same-sex marriage. The "Show Me" state electorate roundly banned a tainting of the sacred institution by endorsing the definition of marriage as the legal union between a man and a woman. Phew, that was a close one.

Sorry to belittle an issue some people are very passionate about, but let’s see this for what it really is a big win for the GOP... [more]

For the first time, transsexuals may compete in the Games

For the first time, transsexuals may compete in the Games

Aug 3, 2004

The modern Olympic games have long included competitors of all races, nationalities, and gender -- but for the first time, transsexuals will officially be allowed to compete this month. Although no transsexual athletes are anticipated at this year's games, the rules may trickle down to the local and regional level, affecting athletes such as Australian golfer Mianne Bagger, a former man who has struggled to enter international women's golf competitions.

College opens 'third sex' restroom

College opens 'third sex' restroom

Jul 11, 2004

TRANSVESTITES and transsexuals at a private Thai college have been given their own restroom after being humiliated by classmates, a school administrator said Friday.

Chiang Mai Technology College has designated a "pink lotus" bathroom for use by about 15 of its 1,500 students after the group encountered difficulties using male and female bathrooms.

Mistrial Declared in Murder Trial of Transgendered Teen

Mistrial Declared in Murder Trial of Transgendered Teen (Jun 23, 2004)

A judge yesterday [6/21/2004] declared a mistrial in the 2002 killing of Gwen Araujo (born Edward), a transgender teenager who was brutally beaten to death, then buried in the Sierra foothills after partygoers discovered that their woman friend was transgendered.

Judge Harry Sheppard ... [more]

Rise of German Homosexual Emancipation Movement

Rise of German Homosexual Emancipation Movement (May 30, 2004)

Winds of change will fill the banners of Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Pride this June, lifting them to new heights

After decades of fierce and unrelenting struggle, same-sex love has been effectively decriminalized and many gains have been won. Organizing, rolling civil disobedience has helpe... [more]

IOC Gives OK For Transsexuals To Compete In Olympics

IOC Gives OK For Transsexuals To Compete In Olympics (May 18, 2004)

LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- Transsexuals were cleared Monday to compete in the Olympics for the first time.

Under a proposal approved by the IOC executive board, athletes who have undergone sex-change surgery will be eligible for the Olympics if their new gender has been legally recogniz... [more]

Transsexual's wedding mirrors social changes

Transsexual's wedding mirrors social changes (May 11, 2004)

CHENGDU, May 10 (Xinhuanet) -- When Zhang Lin proudly put on a Western style wedding gown, she was no different from the many happy brides who chose to marry their fiances during the week-longMay Day holiday, except that until nine months ago, she was a man.

Thousands of farmers watch... [more]

The URNotAlone Difference

The URNotAlone Difference (Apr 25, 2004)

We recently had yet another angry exchange with someone who thought our photo requirements weren't fair. You see, at least several times a week, someone gets pissed that we reject their blurry head shot, or poorly lit image. What they don't seem to understand, is that this is exactly why URNotAlone ... [more]

Prosecutor: Transgender teen executed

Prosecutor: Transgender teen executed (Apr 15, 2004)

Prosecutors are presenting the slaying of a transgender teen as an execution by young men whipped into a fury by a deception that gnawed at their tender egos.

They decided ... that the wages of Eddie Araujo's sin of deception were death, prosecutor Chris Lamiero said as the trial got ... [more]

We've Been Bought! APRIL FOOLS

We've Been Bought! APRIL FOOLS (Apr 1, 2004)

{Fortunately, only a few of you fell for our badly edited photo and sleazy news article. The more astute of you noticed that date.}

In what has been something of a whirlwind week, Jon and Dan (who flew in from Ohio) have finally inked a contract with an anonymous purchaser and beginni... [more]

School Debates Difference Between Gender and Sex

School Debates Difference Between Gender and Sex (Mar 20, 2004)

WESTMINSTER, Calif.  - What is the difference between sex and gender?

That is what one Southern California school district is trying to decide and the outcome could cost it millions.

So far the Westminster School District is the only district in California refusing to a... [more]

Group rescinds honor for disputed book

Group rescinds honor for disputed book (Mar 17, 2004)

The Lambda Literary Foundation announced Friday that it was removing a controversial book about transsexuality, titled "The Man Who Would Be Queen," from a list of finalists for its annual literary awards.

Written by J. Michael Bailey, chair of the psychology department at Northwester... [more]

Plan to Allow Transsexuals Into Games on Back Burner

Plan to Allow Transsexuals Into Games on Back Burner (Feb 28, 2004)

ATHENS (Reuters) - A decision to allow transsexuals to compete in the Olympic Games was put off on Saturday after IOC president Jacques Rogge realized the executive board had failed to grasp the issues.

The decision-making body of the International Olympic Committee had discussed the ... [more]

Phelps To Erect Matthew Shepard Monument

Phelps To Erect Matthew Shepard Monument (Oct 20, 2003)

(Casper, Wyoming) Anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps has announced intentions to erect a monument to Matthew Shepard the gay college student brutally murdered five years ago near Laramie.

A transition from DES son to DES daughter (Oct 19, 2003)

Wayne Beyer used to say he was a DES son. That was before the sex-change operation.

Fake Doctor Charged (Oct 6, 2003)

McKEESPORT, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A man who police say posed as a doctor and castrated a transgendered woman at her request was ordered Monday to stand trial for aggravated assault.

Catherine Watson, 45, told a district court judge at a preliminary hearing that she nearly bled to deat... [more]

HomeLand Security : Friend or Foe? (Sep 14, 2003)

Homeland Security Eyes Transgendered - Doreen Brandt, Newscenter, Washington Bureau

Washington, D.C. - New security precautions at the nation's airports and border crossings will make it more difficult for the transgendered to enter the US.

The Depart... [more]

Authorities hope surveillance photos will help find transvestite killer (Aug 8, 2003)

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